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The BIDBI Bell is curated by the marketing team giving you weekly news, views and updates from inside the BIDBI universe as well as reporting on the wider issues affecting UK business and Eco friendly matters. 

BIDBI Gives Back

  • 17th January 2017

For some, Christmas doesn't bring the same joy it does to others, they are sturggling to make ends meet and rely on other organisations to help them through the festive period. Trussell Trust foodbanks provide a minimum of three days’ emergency food and support to people in... Read More

The Cat's Out The Bag!

  • Fuzzballs
  • 6th January 2017

Fuzzballs started life in 2013 as a Tumblr webcomic, since then it has exploded in popularity with a range of shirts and necklaces launching in late 2015 and now in 2017 that product range has grown to include even more shirts, greeting cards, prints, stickers, plush toys, phone cases... Read More

BIDBI's list of influential women 2016

  • 3rd January 2017

As 2016 draws to an end, it's been an emotional rollercoaster of a year. We thought, let's not dwell on the negative, but have a look at the women of 2016. Those that have overcome hurdles, fought for the vulnerable, and achieved greatness.  In no particular order:  Michelle... Read More

A Word from our CEO Julia Gash, looking back on 2016

  • Julia Gash
  • 15th December 2016

2016 has been a busy year at BIDBI, supplying lots of fair trade made, sustainable tote bags and eco-friendly items to customers around the world, whether it's for new shop openings, to promote a new product, a fund raising for a well deserved cause or to simply create a stunning, green... Read More

Our Vegan Month

  • Arnika Bhupal & Kristi Clark
  • 14th December 2016

Working at BIDBI has raised our conscience about the environmental impacts of our daily life and carbon footprint. To try and reduce our own environmental impact we thought it would be interesting try the vegan diet. Throughout the whole month of November... Read More

BIDBI's Top 5 Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

  • Kristi Clark
  • 6th December 2016

As Christmas is coming closer it is very apparent of the environmental impact the festivities cause. Christmas doesn’t have to be burden on the environment, buying eco-friendly Christmas gifts could reduce your impact on the environment over the festive period. 1.)   Super... Read More

A Gift From The Heart

  • 2nd December 2016

Warning- Blog contains images of needles and blood. From an impromptu conversation on Halloween came the idea of giving blood. Shortly after Sarah Jones rallied the staff and we headed down to the local blood donor centre in Sheffield. Sam relaxes in the recliner. SJ in action. Top... Read More


  • 30th November 2016

Sharing good food in great company is one of life’s great pleasures and the Michel Roux Jr Cookery School at Cactus Kitchens gives students the confidence and skills to create delicious meals for friends and family. Our mission is to make cooking entertaining and enjoyable. While... Read More

Stephen Hawking: We Must Find Another Planet to Live On

  • 29th November 2016

 Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is one of the most intelligent individuals on the planet, which is why his assertion that humanity has only 1,000 years left on Earth and must find another place to colonize is incredibly frightening. "[W]e must ... continue to go... Read More

Amount of Plastic Bags Found on UK Beaches Decreases By 40%

  • Team BIDBI
  • 24th November 2016

The amount of plastic bags found on UK beaches has fallen by 40% over the past year. The stats were published in the Marine Conservation Society’s newly-released ‘2016 Great British Beach Clean’ report. Lauren Eyles, MCS Beachwatch Manager, said: “In the last decade,... Read More