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The BIDBI Blog is curated by the marketing team giving you weekly news, views and updates from inside the BIDBI universe as well as reporting on the wider issues affecting UK business and Eco friendly matters. 

We also welcome blogs from existing customers, so get in touch if you would like to talk about your business and eco bags. 

Supplier Visit: Daya's trip to India and China

  • Daya Singh
  • 11th December 2017

In November our Managing Director Daya visited China and India to see our partner factories and further fortify our supplier relationships. We caught up with our jet lagged director and asked him some questions.  What was the purpose of the trip? Firstly, to carry out factory... Read More

Eco News Roundup of 2017

  • Richard Robinson
  • 8th December 2017

2017 has been a turbulent year for earth and its inhabitants, with progress in technology and health at juxtaposition with backwards industrial practices and a record number of natural disasters. There's much to celebrate as the human race progresses, but also concerns regarding its continuing... Read More

Don't Bottle It Up - The Cost of Throwaway Plastics

  • Sam Marriott
  • 4th December 2017

Coca Cola set to break throw away plastic bottle record. Over a billion bottles to previous year! Every second over twenty thousand plastic bottles are purchased around the world. That’s more than over a million bottles a minute and nearly five hundred billion bottles a year. It’s... Read More

Raise Funds & Save The Planet With BIDBI | Discount For Charities

  • Team BIDBI
  • 30th November 2017

At BIDBI we love working with Charities and Non-Profits accross the world, by providing a quality product that can be used to raise funds and spread brand awareness of important causes. We're happy to announce that we're offering a 20% discount off our entire range of UK printed bags... Read More

BIDBI's top Picks of 2017

  • Richard Robinson
  • 27th November 2017

It's been another busy year at BIDBI, and we've seen loads of beautiful designs from our talented customers. My favourite part of the job is seeing how the bar is constantly lifted by our diverse and creative customer base, submitting complex, beautiful works of art, or just simple slogans... Read More

The Thrifty Christmas Gift Guide 2017

  • Richard Robinson
  • 22nd November 2017

Dreading hitting the high street to get your gifts this Christmas? Why not try an alternative way to shop? Keep your conscience clear and bank balance under control over the festive break with some of our handy, thrifty gift ideas. Our list consists of ideas that cost next to nothing and... Read More

Maximising Your Brand Exposure at Conferences and Events

  • 18th November 2017

Tote bags make a great giveaway for corporate events and conferences. We all know conference days are long and you're given leaflets, brochures and a 100 other things to carry, that's why it's great to give each delegate or attendee a tote bag.   The... Read More

Fast Fashion to Slow Fashion

  • Jessica Turner
  • 8th November 2017

Fashion is the most talked about industry when it comes to pollution and how the fast movement is contributing to the constant sustainability challenge. It is extremely important to understand the lifecycle of a product and how it can become progressively sustainable. Today’s mainstream... Read More

Doodle Bag Relaunches!

  • Richard Robinson
  • 1st November 2017

For the past few months the BIDBI team has been busy building our brand new website Doodle Bag. We are happy to announce that the site has now launched, so feel free to head over there and check it out! What is Doodle Bag? Doodle Bag is the little sister company of BIDBI, a place where... Read More

BIDBI Eco News Roundup October 2017

  • Jessica Turner
  • 12th October 2017

Tropical Forests Releasing More Carbon Worrying new research suggests tropical forests are potentially releasing more carbon than they store. Forests across Africa, Asia and Latin America release 425 metric tons of carbon every year. It is thought that 70 percent of this is now caused... Read More