Design Service

BIDBI’s design service is available for when you need help with logos, typography or artwork. Our experienced team of designers will work from a brief to come up with different ideas you can use, both in your branding and on your bag.

The design service will work in partnership with you to develop ideas and help visualise your concepts on to paper. You can come to us with a finished brief, down to the specifics, or you may just have a thought, this is where our team’s expertise can nurture your thoughts and make them a reality.


Your logo is the first thing potential customers will see, it will be on all your marketing materials and will convey your brand. Customers make a split second judgement on your business based on your logo. If you need to rebrand or are starting from scratch our team will get to know your values and work with you to come up with a logo that shows your business to the world.


If you have a phrase, slogan, tag line in mind that you want on a bag the designers are able to create typography unique to what style you’re looking for.  The physical appearance of written text, if it has flicks, if it is rounded, if it is bold, plays an important role in how your text comes across and can add to the message that is being read.

“Communication is 90% nonverbal”

Stylising a font can be an eye catching way to add an extra dimension to a design and the right font can elicit a certain emotion from the target audience. An experienced designer knows how to manipulate fonts in order to reflect what a company stands for and the message it wants to portray.


Our design team can help you with your artwork. They work from a brief to design your artwork from whichever point you need help. Come to us with a vague idea or know exactly what you need, our designers can come up with a finished design intended to communicate your message and suit the bag.

Bespoke Bag Design

Our made to measure service is there if you require something more personalised. Our expertise lies in developing bags from scratch and our design team will help visualise your ideas and provide technical drawings of your bags. They know all the right questions to ask; from functionality, requirements, fabrics, finishes to branding guidelines. Your bag will be distinctive and show off your brand.


Email with your requirements and a member of the design team will be in touch. Alternatively use the Contact Us page.