Our Ethical Commitment


We believe that people who make our bags should be paid a living wage and enjoy good working conditions,free from harassment. BIDBI are therefore fully committed to a supply chain that is ethical and ecologically sound. To ensure this happens both our UK factory and our trusted partners in India are registered with Fairtrade or members of SEDEX (Supplier Data Ethical Exchange).

Trusted Partnerships
We work closely with our global partners, talking to them daily and visiting them periodically, to ensure that we can guarantee that your bags have genuine ethical provenance, as well as being a high quality, natural product. We are proud of the work we do with India and help to provide skilled employment for many people, including women who have been abandoned and need to support their families and have no other means of employment.


In England our eco-print factory provides skilled working opportunities for young men who were previously long-term unemployed. We have trained them over years from Apprentices to Master Printers who now print for blue chip, global brands. Continuous learning and a commitment to always doing our best is a way of life at BIDBI. Your bags help people around the world to develop their potential, and to keep them out of poverty whilst reducing unnecessary environmental damage.

By working with our customers we can produce beautiful bags that don’t cost the earth. It takes around 1,000 years for a plastic bag to break down, so by choosing a reusable cloth eco-bag we can work together to rid the world of the pollution that comes from relying on plastic. At the BIDBI eco-factory we specialise in environmentally-friendly production methods. Using ISO 14001 inks, dedicated recycling bins and solar-powered desk lamps are simple ways in which we are putting our ecological policy into practice. We also arm our team with duvet style gilets when the cold Yorkshire weather bites, rather than just turning up the heat!

We agree with Al Gore: "Pollution should never be the price of prosperity"

A Fairtrade cotton bag

For a bag to carry the Cotton FAIRTRADE Certification Mark the cotton farmers must meet Fairtrade Standards. Those companies involved from the processing of the cotton to the manufacturing of the bag, are registered with Fairtrade.

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