Alison Williams

HR Manager
  • All sorts depending on the mood. One of my favourite songs is 'Here I Go Again' by White Snake! I love pop, R&B, Rock, Classic, just everything!
  • Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
  • Stranger Things, any food programmes
  • Top of the Rockefeller building in New York and Sheffield Obvs!

Alison is our in house employee relations expert. Providing pragmatic and commercial support and guidance on all people related issues ensuring that we follow best practice and are legally compliant.

Alison has designed and implemented our policies and procedures as well as providing coaching and development for the Management team.

In her spare time Alison enjoys spending time with her daughter and family and getting outdoors. She loves city breaks, and is a big city lover! 

Alison's favourite BIDBI product is the Super Shopper Bag. She has one in black and it's her go to bag to take to the supermarket. It fits everything in, it's strong and it can go on your shoulder. It easily holds more than a basketful from the shops and saves Alison using the equivalent of about 3 plastic bags!

It'll be ok in the end.

Shall we have a brew?