Graphic Designer
  • I love music that is in the charts so I would say pop.
  • Harry Potter, I’m obsessed.
  • Game of Thrones/Nashville
  • Home, because I can relax

Jessica's role is to assist our designer Sam with all things artwork. This includes sending artwork approval forms and visuals as well as preparing designs for print. 

Outside of work she enjoys watching movies, reading a lot and spending time with her family. 

Jessica's favourite BIDBI product is the Fairtrade & Organic Luxury Shopper Bag because the fabric has a soft feel and looks great when printed onto with digital prints. They are big enough to take with you for big shopping trips and Jessica also likes the addition of the Fairtrade and Organic label and tags because it shows everyone how ethical the bag is! Jessica thinks it's great to be able to say you're carrying around an organic product thats accredited by the Soil Assoication!