Jonathan Hartley

Finance Manager
  • I’m keen on all genres but my favourite is 90s dance music. Reminds me of my youth 😊
  • My favourite type of films are Action or Fantasy, so I really like films like James Bond or Avatar etc.
  • I’m a sucker for a true life ‘who done it’ kind of show and specifically a murder investigation. It’s nothing to do with the gore, mainly to do with the methods they use to catch the killers.
  • I really like New York. It’s a great place where you never run out of new things to see/do. Plus, it’s the place I got married so it will forever hold a special place with me.

Jonathan is the Finance Manager at BIDBI. When he’s not at work he likes to socialise and mix with people so whenever there is a team gathering, he’ll always try to join. Moreover, he likes going to the movies, walking in the countryside plus eating lots and lots of food 😊

‘Manners Cost Nothing and Are Priceless.'