BIDBI Garment workers at our factory

Ethical Commitment


At BIDBI we believe people are the most important part of any organisation, they should be paid a living wage and enjoy good working conditions, free from harassment. BIDBI are therefore fully committed to a supply chain that is ethical and ecologically sound, that's why both our UK factory and our trusted partners in India are members of SEDEX (Supplier Data Ethical Exchange).

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

We are a GOTS approved processing facility. GOTS is the leading worldwide textile processing standard. This includes; using at least 70% organic fibres, ensuring that all chemicals used, like dyes, must meet their low toxicology criteria and water treatment plants must be put in place, amongst other social criteria that must also be met.

BIDBI is one of the only GOTS organic home textiles printing companies in the UK. For you as a customer, having the GOTS certification means that BIDBI can assure you that the bags and other cotton items that have the label, have been processed from crop to completion in a way that is completely organic.


In addition to our standard range, BIDBI is licensed to produce Fairtrade certified cotton products. Please contact us to ask about our offering of Fairtrade cotton bags. 

For a bag to carry the Cotton FAIRTRADE Certification Mark the cotton farmers must meet Fairtrade Standards. From the growing and processing of the cotton to the manufacturing of the bag, all areas have to be compliant to meet the Fairtrade Standard for cotton.

Sustainable Life

The Sustainable Life label promotes businesses and manufacturers that positively produce. The label gives you the confidence to buy printed cotton products knowing that you are promoting fair wages for the people making the product and are taking responsibility for the impact we all have on the planet.

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) 

BCI is a not-for-profit organisation, their goal is three-fold; to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sector's future. All of our suppliers are certified BCI, this ensures we are only working with factories that are committed to Better Cotton and to making the cotton supply chain a more stable and secure environment to operate in. 

Trusted Partnerships

We work closely with our global partners, talking to them daily and visiting them periodically, so we can guarantee that your bags have genuine ethical provenance, as well as being a high quality, natural product, giving you as a customer peace of mind your bags have come from an ethical and reputable source.


We take career progression and vocational training seriously. Continuous learning and a commitment to always doing our best is a way of life at BIDBI. Our production team in Sheffield are trained in all aspects of production, and regularly swap roles and train each other to keep improving. Our office regularly take part in training days and the company engages with its employees to ensure that they are progressing their personal skills whilst contirbuting to the company.


Our bags are made of 100% natural materials only and at our Sheffield based print factory we specialise in environmentally-friendly production methods. Using ISO 14001 inks and having dedicated recycling bins are simple ways in which we are putting our ecological policy into practice. Operating sustainably is of high importance to us, we are continually working on and improving our environmental impact within the community and on a wider scale.

Read how we ensure that we are being responsible socially, ethically, and environmentally by downloading our eco-ethical pack below.