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BIDBI was founded with
the environment in mind.
Born from an idea to rid the world of plastic bags and provide ethically sourced, expertly printed cotton bags to businesses and organisations.
Established in 2007, we have been producing high quality bags and perfecting our print methods for over ten years. We have rooted ourselves in the world of screen printing and we currently produce and print bags for some of the world’s biggest brands.
We’re a constantly growing team of highly skilled individuals based in Shef eld, Yorkshire. We’ve remained true to Shef eld’s industrial heritage by using traditional printing techniques with the lowest environmental impact.
From the beginning, our focus has been our planet and the people involved. We’re always striving to make sure we never settle and are constantly seeking new ways to improve our practises.
From making sure each bag has been responsibly sourced, to looking after our environment by reducing wastage at each step of the print process, it is our mission to offer our customers a high quality product that helps their business grow.

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