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Screen Printing
Screen printing produces vibrant colours and the  nished products can withstand far more stress than other techniques without cracking or fading.
It can be used on all bag colours and is best suited to designs which require a bright and sold  nish. We can pantone match any ink to your design to ensure continuity across your brand.
Screen printing is very versatile, there are different ink effects available, whether its glitter, foil, metallic, re ective, neon, or something more specialist such as glow in the dark.
Digital Screen Transfer allows you to print full colour images onto any colour bag and has a durable shiny  nish. This print method is bene cial for printing photographic detail or images that require superior brightness and colour reproduction.
It does not have the same limitations of Heat Transfer printing and can be applied to any colour item. Pantone matching isn’t available for this print method, however colours are typically vibrant.

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