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The BIDBI Blog is curated by the marketing team giving you weekly news, views and updates from inside the BIDBI universe as well as reporting on the wider issues affecting UK business and Eco friendly matters. 

We also welcome blogs from existing customers, so get in touch if you would like to talk about your business and eco bags. 

Customer Spotlight On: Crafting At The Cottage

  • Christine Green
  • 24th July 2018

We caught up with Christine Green of Crafting at the Cottage to talk to her about Paper Cutting, and how she uses crafting to inspire and teach others. Who is Christine Green? I am a graphic designer by trade with a passion for typography, decorative cut outs, patchwork, animation,... Read More

Customer Spotlight On: Tori Ratcliffe Art - 2018 Catch Up

  • Tori Ratcliffe
  • 18th July 2018

For people who haven’t heard of you before, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. My name is Tori Ratcliffe and I´m a professional wildlife and pet portrait artist based in Edinburgh. I started painting with watercolours back in 2012 and I absolutely hated it when... Read More

The History of Cotton

  • Richard Robinson
  • 12th July 2018

Origins The exact origins of the beginning of cotton cultivation is uncertain, but it is generally understood that numerous unconnected civilisations had their own implementations at the same time. Recent archaeology in Peru shows that cotton was used as far back as 5000bc, with other... Read More

Eco News Round Up July 2018

  • Richard Robinson
  • 7th July 2018

World's Largest National Park Declared in Columbia Starting on a positive note, Columbia's Serrania del Chiribiquete has been officially declated a UNESCO world heritage site. The area, about the size of Northern Island, is home to species such as jaguars, monkeys and manatees... Read More

Customer Spotlight on: The Lady Garden Campaign

  • 3rd July 2018

The Lady Garden is the campaign of The Gynaecological Cancer Fund, launched in 2013 by a powerful group of women, all of whom have a personal connection with these cancers. These include Mika Simmons, Jenny Halpern Prince, Tamara Beckwith Veroni, Astrid Harbord and Chloe Delevingne.... Read More

BIDBI's Guide To Colour

  • Richard Robinson
  • 30th June 2018

Here at BIDBI we strive to be more than just a printing company, by going to extra mile to help our customers create beautiful works of art by assisting and advising wherever we can on best practices, experimenting with the printing medium or just being a second pair of eyes. To help you... Read More

Customer Spotlight On: Wright Studio

  • 27th June 2018

Steve Wright of Wright Studio talks to us about his design ethos, his studio and the idea behind the recent bags we printed. Tell us a bit about Wright Studio? Wright Studio is an independent UK studio devoted to creating original, intelligent and memorable design across all sectors.   Collaborating... Read More

Raising the Standard: Introducing Our New Range of Fairtade and Organic Cotton Bags

  • Richard Robinson
  • 20th June 2018

Understanding Our Range We took our three most popular bag styles and replicated their specifications to create the Fairtrade and Organic range. With a traditional cotton tote bag, a shopper style and a heavyweight luxury canvas bag, there's a product for each price point and use case.  We're... Read More

Eco News Round Up June 2018

  • 11th June 2018

Air Pollutions Big Cost on Health Researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Bath have published a report stating air pollution from cars and vans amounts to health bills of nearly £6bn every year. The researchers found that the costs were highest in cities. Air pollution... Read More

World Oceans Day

  • 8th June 2018

World Oceans Day takes place on June 8th, its a day where people around the world can celebrate and honour the ocean. We are a blue planet after all! A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival. It generates most of the oxygen we breath, helps feed us, regulates our climate,... Read More