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The BIDBI Blog is curated by the marketing team giving you weekly news, views and updates from inside the BIDBI universe as well as reporting on the wider issues affecting UK business and Eco friendly matters. 

We also welcome blogs from existing customers, so get in touch if you would like to talk about your business and eco bags. 

The Best Bags for the sports clubs and sports teams

  • 22nd June 2020

We have bags for all occasions here at BIDBI. We understand that starting your tote bag journey can be a minefield and it can be tricky to know which bag will fit your needs. As a guide and to give you a bit of understanding of how our bags can help you, we have created a list of which... Read More

Introducing the SDN Denim collection

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 12th June 2020

Introducing the Denim 'SDN' collection. Print it… Brand it… Embellish it… Stock it!   BIDBI is happy to introduce our SDN (Serge de Nîmes where denim originates) collection. We love all things denim, it is ethically sourced, durable and it is always in... Read More

Throwaway Culture

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 5th June 2020

In recent months and years, the media and social media has been filled with ways to reduce waste, what to recycle and where, tips on how to reuse your waste and more. Government legislation has banned single use plastic and businesses seem to be making a conscious effort to reduce the... Read More

Creative uses for tote bags during the Covid-19 lockdown

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 2nd June 2020

Coronavirus has hit all businesses in different ways. But what do you do if you have printed bags or other cotton items for an event that is no longer happening, or seasonal stock that can no longer be used? Here are some ideas on how you can use your stock so you can make the best of... Read More

Fundraising ideas for schools

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 27th May 2020

Times are difficult right now in all industries and sectors, but for schools it is especially confusing with everything up in the air about what is happening. Both teachers and children are being put in difficult positions where they are perplexed about what is going on. One way to keep... Read More

Buying Organic: what really is organic?

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 21st May 2020

Earlier this year BIDBI was accredited with a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, which was awarded to us by the Soil Association. GOTS is the leading worldwide textile processing standard needed to truly call a textile product organic. This includes; using at least... Read More

The Environmental Impact of COVID-19

  • 22nd April 2020

Right now, there are 4 billion people worldwide who are in some form of isolation or lockdown as a result of COVID-19. Airports are closed, factories are shut, and people are off the roads. What effect if any has this had on the environment in such a short amount of time? There has been... Read More

What has the BIDBI Team been up to during Lockdown?

  • 20th April 2020

Right now, the world is in a unique position. Many countries around the world are in some form of lockdown. Working from home, having time off work and businesses shutting their doors to the public has changed everyday life for people drastically. It’s something that the majority... Read More

Diversify your watch list during lockdown

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 1st April 2020

In the midst of everything going on in the world regarding Covid-19 it’s very likely that you are spending more time at home and watching more TV than you normally would. To give you some inspiration (and to stop you re-watching friends for the eighth time), we’ve compiled... Read More

BIDBI Founder Julia Gash Comes to Visit

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 25th March 2020

Julia Gash, best known for her illustrations of locations around the world, founded BIBDI in 2007. A keen advocate for eco-products her goal was to create a sustainable business where artists and businesses alike could print their work on ethically produced products to grow their business. In... Read More