Guest Blog - Nicholas Lee

  • Nicholas Lee
  • 15th December 2014

Nicholas Lee is the team leader of Fresh Delievered, an aspiring business idea with a start-up of just £100. Founded by students from the University of Sheffield's Management School, they provide fresh fruits and vegetables while promoting greener living. BIDBI as a local ethically-focused company donated them eco-bags to support their business.

Let's hear what Nicholas wants to say.

Given the trust and opportunity to execute a business idea is every business student’s dream. I was given this very chance by the University of Sheffield’s Business School. As a Business Management and Economics undergraduate, I was given a capital start-up of £100 to build my own business. My team’s idea which is Fresh Delivered, aims to provide bundles of fresh fruits and vegetables to students who were living far from local markets or did not have time to visit them. We were fortunate enough to have BIDBI sponsoring us with recyclable grocery bags for our products.

BIDBI eco-bags for Fresh Delivered

The reason our team decided to collaborate with BIDBI was that our vision coincided, to be a part of the movement towards a greener life – with us, Fresh Delivered, providing fresh fruits and vegetables while promoting healthy living and BIDBI, the local “eco-bag enthusiasts”. Through working with local grocers as well as suppliers such as BIDBI, we hope to also endorse Sheffield’s economy.

Each bag of Fresh Delivered consists of 8 different types of fruits and vegetables, including the likes of cherry tomatoes, apples and peppers - all sourced from the local Moor Market, assuring freshness. Priced at a handy change of just £5, we attracted students who were returning home after lectures. Further, the bags BIDBI provided us surely caught the eyes of many students with its unique designs and catchy quotes, not forgetting the fact that the bags are reusable!

In the future, we wish to expand our business to include a subscription service as well as to provide delivery, right to our customer’s doorstep. Our project was a great success and BIDBI definitely played a big part in it. We, Fresh Delivered, wish to thank BIDBI once again for supporting our project and we hope BIDBI can continue producing awesome bags while inspiring more people to go green.

Nicholas and his team selling products at the Students' Union of University of Sheffield