BIDBI Staff Blog - Jo Teasdale - November 2014

  • Jo Teasdale
  • 26th November 2014

Jo joined our team of BIDBI account managers at the start of November. She handles all kinds of accounts, focusing on fashion brands. Here's what she had to say about her time at BIDBI so far...


It seems to be a quickly evolving tradition for the office newbie to get on the blog – so here’s my first entry attempt!

I’m Jo and I’m the new account manager at BIDBI, taking over the new girl status from Lucy. After graduating from Manchester University with a Textile Design and Design Management degree, I was worried I’d struggle to find a job where I’d be able to utilise my learnt textile knowledge within a business world, let alone in my hometown Sheffield!

After spending the last year travelling, it was difficult to fall back to a structured Monday to Friday routine (that and acclimatising back to the weather!) but coming into a successful business with warm, friendly faces made the transition a lot smoother.

Before starting at the company I was aware of the increased demand for eco bags but underestimated how popular cotton bags really were. After learning that the average use time of a plastic bag is approximately 20 minutes whilst it takes up to 1000 years to decompose it made me realise other resources need to be considered.

I’ve settled quickly into my new role with the help of my fellow account managers – Lucy and Lucy. Our main roles are to be the first point of call for customers and help in creating the best product for their needs.

Lucy Waller has been working at BIDBI for a couple of years now and specialises in everything books and literature. Lucy Arnold manages any cultural accounts and speaking of Miss Arnold she generously cut 10 inches of her hair and donated her locks to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that creates real-hair wigs for children going through cancer treatment. Nice one, Lucy!

I specialise in the fashion and beauty accounts, after working on and off in the fashion industry over the last few years I’m used to the fast paced turnaround times and exciting designs and ideas. Here's my favourite design that I've seen since I've been here - it's a cheeky one!

With Christmas just around the corner, things are still busy as ever at BIDBI HQ with a constant stream of enquiries and we have big plans for 2015! The team is growing bigger all the time and there’s so many things to look forward to! Can’t wait!