Lush Meets BIDBI

  • Vicky Siviter
  • 6th November 2014

Cosmetics brand Lush is one of our favourite repeat clients. Their designs are always fresh and funky, and their ethical commitment is inspirational - just what we love to see in a company. It's great fun to work with a brand that values animal wellfare and sustainability (as well as super nice smelling products!).

So we were delighted when they got in touch to feature BIDBI CEO and Talented Chief Designer, Julia Gash, on their Meet the Designers article. It's a brilliant interview that gives an insight into the history of BIDBI, and the work that we do with forward-thinking brands such as Lush. Click here to have a read of what we had to say!

We've printed loads of tote designs for Lush over the years, including their famous 'fruits' in-store bag! Here's just a couple...


Coincidentally, Julia is currently touring the Asia Pacific region with our sister brand, Talented, and popped into a Lush store in Tokyo...where she found our printed totes on display! Their latest design is a lovely, bright, Christmas-themed bag. These left the BIDBI factor just two weeks ago, and now here they are on sale in Tokyo:

We love to see our prints put to use on the other side of the world...and we love Lush!