BIDBI Staff Blog - Lucy Arnold - October 2014

  • Lucy Arnold
  • 3rd October 2014

I’ve been at BIDBI for just two and a half weeks - long enough to do an entry for the BIDBI Bee? Go on then! Each day goes by so quickly, but it already feels like I’ve been here longer. I’ve joined at such a busy and exciting time, we have just topped the record for our best month ever (I say we… I only made a drop in ocean!). 

Everything has been enjoyable so far, Julia has a great approach to training. Getting to see all sides of the business has made me feel like I’m joining a very personal company, and I’m sure our clients get the same impression. From making bags in the print room, to shadowing Daya’s complicated work, to having Rich explain pantones to me, to having Julia’s cats strut across my laptop when I’m trying to record new leads. I’ve had a brilliant and busy time learning the ropes here, and the training wheels are slowly coming off. Lulu is always happy to handhold me through things when I need her though, and she doesn’t mind that she’s had to change her name since I joined (having 2 Lucys here got a little confusing).

The only negative is that we're unfortunately located in an area with particular slow internet (something everyone agrees on!). At home I get impatient about how long it takes for me to stream the Great British Bake Off and at work I huff and try not to stress when Salesforce is refusing to load! Who doesn’t hate slow internet?

My time here has been a whirlwind of “firsts”. I just clicked send on an email to the British Museum about a repeat order of one of my favourite bags, which I actually felt quite nervous about doing. Getting a rush from an email... What?! And I made my first (and so far only…) sale on Monday. It was to a lady who was also on the other end of the first ever phone-call I answered at BIDBI. I’m lucky that she was such a lovely person to do business with and I’m looking forward to signing off my first job approval form. I’m really thrilled that I’ve been allocated the Arts and Cultures accounts, there are some very exciting accounts here for me to manage, and I can’t wait to learn more. Afterall, there are some great bags in this field...

So, so far at BIDBI I’ve asked a million and one questions (mostly to Lulu and Julia – thank you both for your patience), got let loose on the printing machines and made one little sale… but watch this space!