UN Climate Summit 2014

  • Vicky Siviter
  • 25th September 2014

This week saw a huge event on the eco-calendar - the UN Climate Change Summit in New York. Last weekend, hundreds of cities around the world played host to protest marches to raise awareness and convey the importance of the event to world leaders. The worldwide press coverage of the marches alone was brilliant, and we especially loved to see such fantastic support via the social media hashtag #Climate2014.

By the time the Summit itself was held on Tuesday, there was a phenomenal buzz around the subject. As an environmentally-focused company, we were watching with great interest as politicians from around the world made their speeches and came together in action against climate change. Various EU countries pledged to aim for a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas production.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio made a particularly powerful speech, which proved very popular with campaigners and eco-warriors alike:

The event drew international attention to the issues surrounding climate change, providing a catalyst for positive change in both policies and attitudes. The message was brilliantly summarised by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

'Let us look back on today as the day we decided – as a human family – to put our house in order to make it liveable for future generations.”