BIDBI's Charity Swap Shop

  • Kathryn Briggs
  • 16th July 2014

Following on from my last blog post on our new charity committee, this week we had our first event here at BIDBI HQ! Having many sartorially minded ladies in this office we all had a fair few clothes which if we were honest we probably didn’t need to keep hanging on to. We decided to turn this into a charity event by bringing all our unloved items of clothing into the office and swapping them whilst making a suitable donation at the same time.

The addition of crisps and cakes added a little extra incentive!

Some great swaps were made from coats to skirts, books, cds and even a cat scratching post!  Any extras were packed up to be delivered to our nearest charity shop.

We chose to support Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity with this event. This amazing charity conducts world class research into understanding and curing cancer, along with providing care both in hospitals and through free support to cancer sufferers and their families. They provided us with some great decorations and fundraising tools for the events and we were proud to turn our meeting room purple for the afternoon!