BIDBI Welcomes You!

  • Julia Gash
  • 7th April 2014

 We've had a trail of visitors to BIDBI this week.

Cherith Harrison called in to see us on her travels from London up to her native Edinburgh. Cherith is one of our designers at Talented and we also print bags for Cherith under her own label, which covers lots of other lovely stuff such as tea towels, mugs and greeting card ranges.

Here we are standing in front of her lovely bag art, that is part of the Talented collection and features naturalistic prints of spirited animals and birds.  

They all have a personality but are drawn in such a way that's not cliched. My favourite is Mr Squirrel, which is part of the collection that Cherith has designed in collaboration with the WWF. Check out her new range at Talented, which has a mother and baby theme is beautifully drawn.

We also had a visit from a local college that teaches young disabled people how to screen print. They all got to see our printers in action and one of their bags promoting their college course, was printed whist they were there.

Finally, on Friday our MD Designate brought his little daughter, Bronte, to meet the BIDBI team. Our resident designer and Doodle Bagger, Vicky, helped Bronte create a design for a mini-bag which she then saw get printed. Apparently it's now her new favourite thing and is with her everywhere she goes!

Mini-Tote Bags are great way to engage children in being environmentally friendly. We make lots of tote bags, which are personalised with children's artwork through our sister website: Doodle Bag. There's an online design tool on the website, which enables you to create online and with one click, your new bag art is good to go! With no minimum it's ideal for a unique, eco-ethical gift. It also helps us create Environmental Champions of the future, which is something that we at BIDBI see as being an integral part of our job.