BIDBI Staff Blog - Danny Vine - March 2014

  • Danny Vine
  • 26th March 2014

This month we've got a guest blog from Danny, one of our screen printers in our eco printing factory in Sheffield. Here's his roundup of a typical day as a BIDBI printer...

I've been at BIDBI since August 2012, when I joined the team alongside my brother, Ash. For me, a typical day at BIDBI involves many different responsibilities. I start work at 8am sharp, by setting up the first job of the day. This is one of my favourite aspects of the job. I'm responsible for lining up the screens on our automatic or manual machines, making sure that the colours fit together as designed, and checking the machine settings are optimal for each job.

Once we're set up, I slot each bag onto the carousel, being careful to line them up well, without creases, and quickly! It's important to keep up a good pace while still being accurate, so that every single bag has the design in the correct placement.

I enjoy the whole printing process, but the best part is when difficult jobs (for example a 4 colour print), comes out looking great. Sometimes we have to use special techniques for certain print jobs, or think on our feet to solve a problem that arises during the process. These jobs are definitely the most rewarding, so they're often the ones I enjoy the most. One of my favourite designs to print was actually one of our most difficult - this Sister Is bag for The Rolling Stones (here spotted out in London!):

Outside of work, I like to get out and about, hiking, biking and playing tennis. Unless the weather's miserable in the winter, in which case I tend to stay out of the cold playing Playstation and PC games with my brother. I also enjoy going for long drives in my car to relax.

I'm always looking to progress in my role, and am working to become skilled at colour mixing as well as setting up. I'm also interested in design, so would love to incorporate that into my work at BIDBI as well. I'm learning new things everyday at BIDBI, and can't wait to see what the future will bring.