Spotted: Bags on Tour

  • Vicky Siviter
  • 28th February 2014

Over the years we've spotted our bags out and about in many places (some more exotic than others!), and we always ask for a cheeky photo. We love receiving photos from our clients as well, to see where each bag ends up. We collected all the 'bags we've snapped' on our Instagram, but we thought it'd be nice to share our recent favourites in a blog, so you can get some ideas of how our bags will work for you.

First up, we've got this lovely display of our bags (and apron!) for Brockley Market. They sent us this pic via Twitter, and we love it! What a great range of merchandise using a simple, one-colour print.

Next up, a slightly older photo that we just couldn't help but share again. That's right, it's Mickey and Minnie Mouse showing off our bags for BRITDOC. We didn't take this one ourselves, but we just love the travelling bags on the Documentaries Are My Bag blog, which is where we found this great image.

We also spotted our bag for Magma in Berlin this year, when we visited the Ethical Fashion Trade Show. Julia snapped this photo of the digitally-printed design...

It's always exciting to come across one of our eco-printed totes unexpectedly at events, trade shows, and even in the street. It really proves how far a canvas bag can take your business, when your logo or design is swinging from the shoulders of shoppers and tourists around the world.

We love receiving photos of your bags in action, so please do share any you have with us on Facebook, Twitter or via email. We'll then share them with our followers and newsletter readers, so you get a shout-out too! Remember to keep up with our Instagram feed for more updates.