BIDBI & The Community Shop

  • Vicky Siviter
  • 14th February 2014

The UK's first 'Social Supermarket' has opened in our home region of South Yorkshire, providing struggling residents with surplus food stock at cheap prices. The Goldthorpe Community Shop opened its doors this week, as part of a new scheme which makes use of supermarkets' ex-seasonal, mis-packaged, and surplus stock to provide massive discounts to those on means-tested benefits.

As an eco-ethical company, this pioneering store ticks all the boxes for us. We're all too aware of the negative impact of wastage, and food wastage in particular is a huge issue that supermarkets are struggling to tackle. This, combined with rises food prices and a difficult economy, means that Social Supermarkets can provide a solution that meets in the middle. Cheaper food for the unemployed and a solution for Britain's costly wastage - it's really a win-win!

Discount snacks!

So, to help out with this great cause, we got in touch and offered to donate some of our surplus bag stock. For each print run we do, there are inevitably a couple of faulty bags or smudged prints, and we pack these away separately, ready to be recycled. We thought that instead of sending these bags to the big recycling plant in the sky, we could donate them to the Community Shop, to be reused as shoppers time and time again.

Yesterday, I went to visit the Shop to meet the team and take some snaps of it in action.

I also got to meet the chairman of the scheme, John Marren, and have some press photos taken with our bags in the store (pics coming soon!). It was great to see the store busy with customers, taking advantage of this fantastic waste-saving initiative.

Next week we'll be shipping our remaining stock - over 4000 bags - to the shop, in hopes of keeping them well and truly stocked up on reusable bags for life!

For further information about the Community Shop just visit their website.