BIDBI Staff Blog - Richard Robinson - January 2014

  • Richard Robinson
  • 20th January 2014

This week's blog comes courtesy of BIDBI designer, artworker and general printing guru, Richard. Here's what he had to say about what he's been up over the past few weeks..


I've been at BIDBI since the very beginning, when Julia took me on as a screen printer. Last year marked five years here, making me the longest-serving member of the team.

Since starting in my role, the company has grown from 2 to 20 employees, and my job has involved many different tasks. As a fledgling printer, I was trained up in screen and digital printing, before learning to use design software and moving to a more office-based role. I still work closely with the print team, transforming artwork into screens and helping to sample more complex projects.

When you order with BIDBI and send your artwork through, it arrives in my inbox and I set to work creating a visual mock-up for you to approve. Once you're happy, I create a positive (black and white image representing each colour) which our printers turn into a screen - ready to print your design.

Here's a screen in action on our carousel:

When I'm not preparing artwork, my time is spent in the print room or working on the original artwork designs for our own-brand tote bags, Talented. Once Julia has drawn up her designs with ink, I scan and re-colour them in Photoshop. We then rearrange and alter elements to create a design that we're happy with, before sampling. Here's a pic of me working on the Cityscapes collection:

I also get involved to help out production on busy days, particularly when we're trying out new print methods and techniques. It's really satisfying to create a brand new bag project for a customer, and extend our capabilities in the eco-factory. Recently we've experimented with new foil prints, puff inks, and neon designs, to name a few.

If you want any more info about the design and print services we offer, just get in touch and we can work through your project together.