Get your water bottle to do the hard work for you!

  • Harvey Perry
  • 2nd July 2024

Although we won’t be reinventing the wheel with this hydration-focused blog post, we’d like to introduce you to our friend – the water bottle! Water, for obvious reasons, is incredibly important to almost all forms of life, but especially to us humans. We don’t tend to do well with going extended periods of time without refilling our water bottles or having a cold glass of water every couple of hours. Having a lack of water, or being dehydrated, can cause us to feel greatly unwell, tired, unmotivated, and potentially the worst of it all – dry skin!

On a serious note, not getting the recommended amount of water into your body each day can cause major body issues such as internal organ failure which should be avoided if it can. According to the Eatwell Guide recommends everyone to drink between six and eight cups of water per day, a healthy goal if you have a water bottle always with you.

This brings us nicely to our topic of the day, getting your water bottle to do the hard work for you! Why worry about having a glass handy at all times of the day, when you can throw a water bottle in your bag and go about your day, or keep some spare water bottles in your desk at work for when you’re rushing into a Monday morning meeting? Today we’re going to look at the many mental and physical benefits to drinking more water regularly, why having a water bottle companion is the best way to get your water consumption, and how BIDBI can help you get started on your water bottle journey.

Why hydration is important for us Humans

Drinking more water from a water bottle or a glass doesn’t have to be another stressful thing to add to your already busy life, but there are tons of physical and mental health benefits from drinking a little bit more water, or by being consistent with how much water you drink each day. Not only does your body need water to not be dehydrated, but your kidneys are calling out for it throughout the day. Your kidneys are hard at work, but they can sometimes be overlooked as they need water to do their job well. By drinking water from a water bottle, you can be sure to always have access to water wherever you go, which will also make your kidneys happy! So, when you start to feel those pangs of dehydration in the morning or afternoon, you can fill up your water bottle and quench your thirst!

In the Sustainable Life by BIDBI range, Rivers Collection, a Don Recycled Plastic Water Bottle can hold 650ml of water. That converts to around 2 cups of water which you can hold in a 650ml water bottle, making it a lot easier to get your daily water intake than getting up every hour or two from your work desk or sofa to fill a glass up.

Now onto the outside of your body, if your skin doesn’t get the right amount of water it requires, it can be prone to prune! – kind of. Your skin can start to feel dry, flaky, and tight, and be even more likely to show signs of early age. For people who had a lower water intake than the average person, drinking more water was found to fight against skin issues like Eczema. Drinking water from your water bottle or glass every day can give your digestive system the support it needs to flush out toxins in your body, improve your skin complexion, and give you glowing skin in the process! Save money on expensive skin treatment oils and creams, and get yourself a flashy new water bottle to take with you wherever you go.


Featuring the Don 650ml Recycled Plastic Water Bottle, this water bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, is BPA-free, and is tested and approved under German Food Safe Legislation. Named after the iconic River Don that runs through Sheffield, Rotherham, and Doncaster, the Don Recycled Plastic Water Bottle makes up one of the 11 sports bottles in our Rivers Collection. Click here to discover Sustainable Life by BIDBI.

Water & the body


Do you ever feel like your energy levels take a dive a few hours after your morning meetings or afternoon focus sessions? Your body could be running on a lack of water! The human body is made up of around 60-70% water, and when it starts to run low – it has a similar function to a car with engine oil. The car can still run, but throughout the day as it burns through its oil to function, its performance can start to decrease. If you’re out and about at work, or taking in the sights and sounds of a city break, you may completely forget to take a break and get the water intake that you need. Which is why it’s always important to have a water bottle with you, so you can get your water intake throughout the day, fill yourself up, and get on with your action-packed day!

For those amongst us and who are constantly on the go, it’s important to stay hydrated when your body is being pushed to the limit! Physical performance can be impacted greatly if you are dehydrated, especially when working up as a sweat. When you sweat, that’s precious water leaving your body to cool you down as your body gets hotter and hotter. But it also means you’re losing water than eventually needs to be replaced, ideally within your workout period or you will become dehydrated. Being dehydrated can also lead to increased fatigue meaning your energy levels could plummet mid-workout, reduced motivation so you’re more likely to end your one-hour gym session after just 20 minutes, and altered body temperature control which could lead you to feel much hotter than you actually are. Preventing this is as simple as taking advantage of water bottle refill stations you might find in your gym, or local library, university, and even in the workplace.


 For a bite-size water bottle companion, we have the Stour 400ml RCS Certified Recycled Plastic Water Bottle with Carabiner. The perfect water bottle to stay hydrated when you’re out and about, busy with errands, or for short study sessions at your university or library. The Stour 400ml Water Bottle is RCS-certified recycled plastic and available in up to six colour variations, now available in our Rivers Collection with Sustainable Life by BIDBI. Click here to discover Sustainable Life by BIDBI.

Bored of water? Let’s try flavoured water!


Water bottles have come a long way over the years, and some clever individuals put their heads together to find a way to make drinking from water bottles exciting for a brand-new generation! There’s loads of helpful information and recipes on how to make flavoured water concoctions, and we’ve been told at BIDBI that our water bottles love the change in taste. You could create flavoured water for almost every flavour imaginable, just to add a touch of excitement to a necessary, but ultimately plain-tasting liquid. Whether you’re a big fan of strawberries, lemons, cinnamon, grapes, pineapple, or even jalapeno (yes, even jalapeno – we fact-checked). There’s a flavoured water option available for every water bottle in the universe.

If it’s water you’re bored of, you can try some alternatives to plain water, such as herbal teas or coconut water. Not every healthy option has to be a boring one, and if it’s water you really don’t like, get your hydration needs met another way by trying an herbal tea. For a light and refreshing afternoon tea, or water alternative, try a strawberry herbal tea, or even a green tea. Green tea has been praised for centuries for helping the body through antioxidants that may lower the risk of some cancers, improve brain function, increase fat burning across the body, and even reduce bad breath!

Start your water bottle journey with Sustainable Life.


Your new and exciting water bottle journey is right around the corner, and it starts with BIDBI! We are thrilled to announce our new range, Sustainable Life by BIDBI! A specially curated range of eco-friendly non-textiles, available from BIDBI for the first time ever, we’re offering a selection of promotional products inspired by the world around us and our clients’ feedback.

Our new Sustainable Life range features three unique collections: Rivers Collection, Forests Collection, and Poets Collection. Each collection with Sustainable Life includes high-quality, eco-friendly products such as sports bottles, travel mugs, notebooks, notepads, and pens – all crafted with sustainability in mind.

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