BIDBI 2021 Round up blog

  • Christina Dymiotis
  • 1st February 2022

We can all agree that 2021 was a bit better than 2020. We finally returned to work as the global pandemic has been somewhat controlled. We followed landings on Mars with fascination and searched for solutions as extreme climate events shook up the planet. We are all ready for the new year and a fresh start.  

However, before we immerse ourselves in the new year, we thought it would be nice to take some time to highlight what the BIDBI team has been up to this past year. 


BIDBI x Fairtrade – Climate Justice campaign  

As a Fairtrade certified company, BIDBI supports and joins Fairtrade’s yearly Fairtrade Fortnight campaign that encourages shoppers and businesses to support Fairtrade farmers by purchasing Fairtrade certified products. In addition to this, in November 2021 BIDBI took their support to a whole new level by signing the official business pledge to demand climate justice for farmers. In short, the business pledge urges world governments to listen to the voices of farmers – the people who grow our food and other essential goods – as they call for urgent action at COP26. It is important to note that only a few businesses signed this very significant pledge alongside BIDBI including; Ben and Jerry’s, M&S, Greggs and a few more. Overall, we are proud supporters of the Fairtrade movement, and we are looking forward to participating in their next campaigns.  


Giving bags to charity  

In 2021, we continued working on our circular economy scheme, where we regularly donate our misprints and duplicates to local foodbank and charities. In this way, we provide charities with a sustainable alternative to plastic bags and ensure our 'less than perfect' bags don't end up in landfill.  Even more recently, we donated 3000 bags to the S6 Foodbank which is based here in Sheffield. These bags were used to package food parcels which were used to deliver food as part of their Holiday Hunger Programme. All in all, during 2021 we were able to donate over 12,000 bags to charity which went to Food Banks, and Community Initiatives. We are so honoured to be able to help so many local foodbanks and put bags that would be destined for landfill to good use. 

New Team Members  

The past year we had some great new additions to the BIDBI family, in various departments. Our Sales team has been growing with our New Sales Manager; Paul Cormack and new Account managers; Alex Maybury and Claire Thomas. Furthermore, we welcomed aboard our new Marketing Assistant; Christina Dymiotis, our Web Developer; Ryan Dewick and our new Finance Manager Jonathan Hartley. In addition to this, we’ve had our very first multi-disciplinary intern from Newcastle; Yashpal Kalsi. Our new starters have done an amazing job the past year and we cannot wait for their new projects in 2022.  


BIDBI wins Pete Mckee Bear at Bears of Sheffield auction with the highest bid of £30,000 

2021 was the year of the Bears of Sheffield. This amazing public art exhibition took place last summer and included 100 little bears and 60 big bears that were situated around the city, by The Sheffield Children’s Hospital. The bears were designed by local and international artists. This incentive funded a new Leukemia Ward at Sheffield Children’s Hospital through donations, merchandise, sponsorship challenges, fundraising throughout the trail, and an auction at the end of the campaign. We also collaborated with The Children's Hospital Charity to print the official tote bags for the Bears of Sheffield event. 

BIDBI attended the Bears of Sheffield end of trail auction and won the ‘Thank you Sheffield Children's Hospital’ Bear, designed by Pete Mckee, with the highest bid of the night at £30,000. It was a fantastic event with a bear-illiant outcome for all involved. All the bears together have raised £525,000 for the Children's Hospital. Supporting the community has always been at the heart of everything we do, and we are delighted to support The Sheffield Children’s Hospital in this way to show our gratitude for everything they do.  


Organic September  

Every year the Soil Association organises the Organic September campaign that highlights the importance and benefits of purchasing organic products. As a GOTS certified company, BIDBI participated in the Soil’s Association Organic September campaign. The campaign’s key message is “Nature has the answer...and the answer is organic” to showcase the strong link between organic and natural. Organic September is a key moment for organic businesses to raise awareness of the benefits of organic and the incredible efforts organic brands, farms and businesses make to support nature and wildlife and protect the planet. During the campaign, we encouraged our customers to opt for organic products and do their bit for the environment.  


BIDBI’s Snowflake for Sheffield Children’s Hospital  

 BIDBI once again sponsored one of the snowflakes at Sheffield Children’s Hospital this Christmas, helping to brighten up children’s lives and support the amazing work the charity does. Over the past seven years, the award-winning snowflake display has raised over £1m for Sheffield Children’s Hospital! The money raised in 2021’s appeal will contribute towards expanding the existing emergency department at the Children’s Hospital, creating new facilities and buying new equipment. 

The Snowflakes can be found in various areas around Sheffield. Moreover, the official snowflake switch-on took place on 2nd December, where members of our team enjoyed watching the whole Children’s Hospital light up with all the sparkling snowflakes.  

To find out more or to donate click the link here


So, that’s a wrap for our top BIDBI highlights of 2021! We look forward to bringing you many more exciting news and developments in the new year as we continue our mission to always be a helping hand to the planet and the community.  


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