BIDBI is celebrating Yorkshire Day

  • Christina Dymiotis
  • 1st August 2021

Today is Yorkshire Day! We are proud to be a Yorkshire based company. It is such a beautiful region as we are surrounded by three gorgeous National Parks, we have the friendliest locals, and we are the birthplace of many talented musicians, athletes, writers and actors... Read on to discover the top 5 reasons why we are proud to be from England’s best county.  


Image Source: Pears Foundation 

#1 The Sublime Natural Scenery   

Yorkshire is known for its enchanting natural parks. To name a few; The Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors National Park, Sutton Bank National Park Centre, as well as Sheffield’s own Peak District National Park, are some of Yorkshire's top must-see natural attractions. These Natural Parks include stunning waterfalls and lakes in addition to breathtaking views of the region. There is nothing better than being able to escape the city so quickly and breathe the fresh air of the Yorkshire countryside. 

#2 Literature & Music  

Yorkshire’s Moors have been foregrounded in British literature and have been mentioned in the literary work of very famous writers. These include; The Bronte sisters, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, W H Auden, Alan Bennett…the list goes on! Moreover, Yorkshire is the birthplace of some of the biggest musicians such as Arctic Monkeys to, Kaiser Chiefs, Pulp and Human League. The area inspires and nurtures local musical talents. It is even home to some of the best music festivals: Leeds Festival and Sheffield’s Tramlines.  


Image Source: Ticket Arena 

#3 The History 

Many prehistoric remains have been discovered in Yorkshire, including extensive burial monuments on the North York Moors and the Wolds, stone monuments in the Vale of York, and hill forts throughout the county. Furthermore, in the Romans period, in 306 the emperor Constantine the Great moved to York and ruled the Roman Empire from there. In addition to this, the city of York is particularly famous for its Viking history, as was known as Jorvik. In the modern era, the railways have been a key factor in the prosperity of Yorkshire. Moreover, during the industrial revolution and thereafter, Sheffield developed a reputation as a metalworking centre, but agriculture and woollen textile manufacturing remained Yorkshire’s dominant economic activity. Since then, Yorkshire has been nothing but developing into a great innovative region.  


Image Source: Jorvik

#4 Yorkshire Food 

Sunday roast dinner is incomplete without Yorkshire puddings. This delicious savoury pastry is made using pancake batter and is often described as a savoury pancake or an air-filled cake. The first recipe for Yorkshire puddings emerged in 1737. National Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of February in the United Kingdom.  It is a must-try commodity when dining in for a roast dinner in Yorkshire.  Other Yorkshire specialities include; Wensleydale cheese, Betty's tea room and rapeseed oilFun fact! No other county in England (outside of London) has as many Michelin-starred restaurants as Yorkshire.  

A celebration of why we are proud to be from Yorkshire cannot finish without mentioning the tea. The Yorkshire brew is iconic and tastes amazing. A black tea blend first introduced by Charles Edward Taylor and his brother in 1883. The tea was also granted a Royal Warrant by the Prince of Wales in 2009. Do you fancy a cuppa? 


Image source: Yorkshire Tea 

#5 Steel Industry 

Stainless steel, which we now use every day, was discovered by Harry Brearley in Sheffield in 1913. Sheffield later became known as the city for stainless steel production. The world’s first steam locomotive was made by Matthew Murray in Holbeck, Leeds, in 1790. In Sheffield, there is an industrial area called Kelham island. This diamond-shaped man-made island was created in the 1180s, when water was redirected to supply a local mill, and became a beacon of Sheffield’s industrial movement. It’s now one of the city’s trendiest suburbs bursting with history, good food, contemporary art and real ale. 


Image Source: Welcome to Sheffield 


Yorkshire is a magnificent region with wonderful natural landscapes, great food, and culture. Not to mention, the people are some of the friendliest on the planet, and make a cracking cup of tea! BIDBI are proud to call “God’s Own Country” our home.