Introducing: Reuseabox

  • 5th July 2021

This week we sat down virtually with Ellie Good, the Head of Sustainability at Reuseabox to learn more about the company and its amazing sustainability practices. Reuseabox is a specialist supplier of Eco-Friendly Cardboard Boxes with a great focus on the circular economy. Read along to find out more! 

Who is Reuseabox and what do you do?

Reuseabox is a sustainable packaging company on a mission to reduce waste. Using our unique Reuseabox Model, we help companies throughout the UK to reuse cardboard boxes. We do this by diverting used yet reusable cardboard boxes away from the waste stream. We then make them available to a whole range of companies to use as low cost, eco-friendly packing boxes. Founded in 2013 by Jack Good, we now work with thousands of companies across the UK.


What are the main sustainability practices that are implemented within your business structure?

As an environmental company, our business model is based on Circular Economy principles. We promote reuse on an industrial scale. Using the Reuseabox Model we keep the cardboard in use for longer which reduces the global demand for new cardboard and reduces waste. We help companies significantly reduce their packaging carbon footprint and ultimately save trees. The Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool enables our customers and suppliers to track their environmental achievements over time.

As a company, we are continually working to improve our environmental impact. Our warehouse and office facilities are powered by green energy. We encourage our employees to reuse and recycle by providing adequate facilities. We choose suppliers who are actively and transparently working on reducing their own environmental impact. One of our biggest environmental challenges is transportation as cardboard is quite bulky. We encourage our customers to opt for Eco Delivery which enables us to group deliveries and collections, resulting in a more efficient transport system. We also use hauliers where it is more environmentally sustainable than sending one of our own vehicles.


What is the Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool and what benefits does it have for businesses?

The Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool was developed by independent environmental consultants and academics from Lincoln University to measure the environmental impact of choosing to reuse cardboard boxes rather than recycle or buy new ones.

We provide quarterly reports to show the exact savings our customers or suppliers have achieved by choosing to Reuse-A-Box. Stats include carbon, energy, trees and water saved as well as trees planted.

This provides accurate data which can be used for a business’ own waste reporting and annual audits. One of our suppliers, PPG Industries, recently won an award for their Reuseabox Model. The data from their environmental reports were instrumental in helping them to achieve this.


Tell us more about the exciting 2 Million Tree Challenge

As part of our #2MillionTreeChallenge we’re aiming to both save and plant a million trees. We’re saving trees through our unique Reuseabox Model. Reusing 1 tonne of boxes (that’s around 6.5 pallets) saves 5 trees.

We’re also planting trees with the help of the organisation One Tree Planted. Every time a customer places an order for our cardboard boxes, we plant a tree. Planting trees is one of the best ways to reduce global carbon emissions and protect our planet for future generations. Trees are planted in areas of the world that need them the most. This includes rebuilding forests after natural disasters and deforestation.

How did the pandemic affect Reuseabox?

Luckily, we have been able to continue operating during the Covid 19 pandemic. We provide used cardboard boxes to a whole range of companies across various industries. Although some industries slowed down, others such as eCommerce, mailing and distribution, saw large growth. One challenge we have had to overcome is the cardboard shortage that has affected the industry over the last 12 months. Due in part to the pandemic and the increase in online shopping, many customers have decided to try used cardboard boxes for the first time after experiencing price increases and extended lead times. We have worked hard with suppliers and customers to source appropriate, cost-effective packaging that is better for the planet.


What future plans does Reuseabox have?

Over the next 12 months, we plan to expand our warehouse and office facilities. This will enable us to accommodate new supply contracts and continue to provide low cost, planet-friendly packaging to our customers. We will continue to invest in sustainable practices such as electric vehicles and energy-efficient workspaces. We also plan to support more tree planting and sustainable projects within the UK.


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