Things you should consider before ordering.

  • 2nd July 2021

When getting in touch for a quote for bags or homewares with BIDBI you may have a lot of questions for us and you may not have a fixed plan about what you want. However, there are a few things you should have decided or have a rough idea about before getting in touch so we can make sure you get the perfect bags for your business.

In this blog we are going to tell you some things you should know before ordering and some things you should have considered before getting in touch.

Things you should know

These are some frequently asked questions and important things to note about our process before ordering.

Bag weight

The weight of a fabric is done by weighing a square metre (measured in grams written as gsm) or square yard (measured in ounces written as oz) of that fabric. BIDBI measures its cotton in oz per yard², however on our product pages we also show the weight in grams per m². This means if a bag is made from 8oz cotton it means that 1-yard² of that cotton would weigh 8oz.

When cotton is described as lightweight it is typically 6oz or under. Midweight would be 7oz-9oz, and heavyweight would describe cotton 10oz and above.

The weight of a bag may also be the difference between two bags that appear the same. For example, our shopper bag and premium cotton canvas shopper bag have the same design, however the latter has a heavier canvas. 

Lead time

Lead time refers to the time it takes to get your bags ready for delivery from when payment is made. BIDBI’s lead time is 10 working days from payment then you must account for delivery time on top of that. In some circumstances where you have a tight deadline, we may be able to accommodate a shorter lead time, just let your account manager know when you enquire.

The process

BIDBI Order Process

Things you should have considered

Here are some things to consider about what you want before ordering so our account managers can help you get the perfect product for your business.


How many bags you need is something important to figure out before you order. If you are running an event, think of how many attendees you will need to cater for, if you are using bags as a giveaway or for retail, try to work out the kind of demand you would usually expect for your business.

By knowing the quantity, and the purpose of the product it can help us help you figure out other aspects of your order such as print, or the product itself, to ensure they are the most appropriate for your needs.


Budget is a biggie. It is a good idea to have a rough idea of the budget you have for your order. By having this in mind and letting your account manager know your budget, it means they can use that when recommending products, and print techniques and also being able to find you alternatives, should you come over budget with your initial choice, and finding ways to not spend over the budget you have in mind.

The type of bag you want

The type of bag you want comes with having a purpose for the bag. If you are a company that sells large products for retail, then you can narrow your search down to our larger tote bags. Whereas if you are looking for reusable packaging for a small item then maybe our smaller drawstring bags will fit your requirements.

Again if you know what your bag will be used for but you are still a little lost, our account managers will be able to guide you to a product, based on their opinions and what other businesses have used with similar requirements.

Your design

By having your design ready when you request your quote, we can advise you on which print technique will be the most appropriate for your design. For example, if you want a screen print but your design is very intricate and detailed, we can advise that this may not bring the best results and advise a better technique or work with the design team to suggest how to alter the design so that it will print well as a screen print.

Having your design ready for when you enquire, we can solve any issues and come up with a solution early in the process if needed.

If you have any questions or you would like to order, get in touch with your account manager directly or get in touch via our contact form