Best Independent Artists You Should be Following

  • 27th April 2021

Here at BIDBI we LOVE independent artists, and we felt like showing them a little love today. So we made a short list of some of the best independent artists you should be following.

  1. Colours of Sheffield

    Mary Tear aka Colours of Sheffield is a unique designer, creating gorgeous prints showing the wonderful colours within cities using pantone cards. Starting off in Sheffield (obviously) she has now expanded to showcase the colours of Manchester, colours of grandpas, different universities and has a LGBTQ+ print, and we’re sure there’s more to come! All her bright prints are available on her Etsy store

  2. Lucy Loves This
    Lucy Loves this creates stunning designs within letters. Mostly focussing on encapsulating the best of cities within a large first letter of the city, she has also designed maps and letters and portraits of famous figures like Amy Winehouse. Head to Instagram where she shares her designs and her store where you can get your hands on her products.
  3. Katyuli Lloyd
    Katyuli Lloyd is artist in residence at Marlborough college and her illustrations are stunning. Focusing on scenery and stylised portraits, her illustration style is gorgeous, and her scenes just give you wanderlust. If you are a fan of all things classic and beautiful art Katyuli Lloyd is definitely a page to follow! 

  4. Willustration
    Will Rea or Willustration is a graphic designer, illustrator, and muralist. Based in Sheffield he has painted some of Sheffield’s best loved businesses, such as The Leadmill and Orchard Square. His bright, geometric, clean lines will brighten up your homepage!

  5. Jen Winnett
    Jen Winnett creates stunning nature and animal focussed water colour illustrations. A mix of true to life and bright colours makes her art magical. Her Instagram feed is a mix of her gorgeous art and nature which will make you want to sell up and relocate to the British countryside.

  6. Kajsa Wallin
    Swedish Artist Kajsa Wallin’s art is like stepping into a storybook. With illustrations of cute, anthropomorphised wildlife that look like they are straight from a fairy-tale. If you are a fan of fantasy and mystical drawings, she is one to follow! Her prints and other merchandise are available on her website.
  7. Katie Tinkler Illustrations
    Katie Tinkler, in her own words “Draws all things food”. Her illustrations are so much fun. Her stylised realism drawings of food just make you hungry, and some just look like photographs! Her prints make the perfect gifts for foodies or as wall art for your kitchen! Her page will just make you smile, make sure not to look when you’re hungry.

  8. Reyt Good Illustrations
    All native Yorkshire folk need to be following Reyt Good Illustration. His work is a fun take on Yorkshire-isms and amazing people and places that put Yorkshire on the map! His distinct style is just a joy to look at, so it’s a great page to follow that will make you proud to be from god’s own country!

  9. Chromakane
    We are obsessed with Jessie Cohen’s page Chromakane. Her prints and tattoo designs are just…cool! Her Koi carp, sea horse and water lily designs are just effortlessly chic. Her page is calming and beautiful to look at, so if you love eastern Asian style art then her page is one to check out.

  10. Carolyn Cox Studio
    Carolyn Cox draws all things nature! Plants, animals, food, she draws it, paints it, and prints it. Her works is a true celebration of the world around us. This talented artist showcases her sketches, prints, and watercolour paintings as well as stunning photography of flora and fauna. It is a must follow for those who love all things outdoors.