Day in the (lockdown) life of an account manager with Harry

  • Harry Hawkins
  • 1st March 2021

I try to start my work from home days the same way I would start a day at the office, so I can get into the right mindset and bring lots of energy to the day. Most important to this is a nutritious breakfast and cup of tea before getting started, or a coffee if I’m starting early that day. I’m a big fan of the ‘Calm’ app so I like to do one of their mindfulness sessions after breakfast.

Now it’s time to log on and catch up with what’s been happening at BIDBI. I usually have a fresh batch of emails to go through in the morning from clients and colleagues – these could be quotes for new customers, ongoing threads about specific projects, chats about artwork, or anything really. No two clients are the same and each project has something unique.

As an Account Manager most of my time is spent communicating with our clients via phone or email, advising on the different products and printing methods we offer. Even though we’re not Designers or Printers ourselves, it’s important for the people in my team to be very familiar with these processes so we can provide the best possible guidance to our customers. 

Working from home has its own challenges, but we’re smoothing them out and with each passing week become a more effective team and better able to communicate between ourselves and with our customers. It’s been great to see everyone at BIDBI working so well together recently and continuing to place sustainability at the centre of everything we do.

 By the end of the day, I will have got through everything on my to do list and made sure my clients have what they need to move forward with their projects. After that I log off and try to convince my housemate to go on a run with me, but we usually just end up watching the football.