Eco News Round-Up Winter 2021

  • 20th January 2021

With such a bad year behind us and following us into the new year, it’s good to take a look at some of the good that is happening in the world right now. Here is our winter 2020/21 eco news roundup to cheer us up.

UK Fossil Fuel Policy Update

In early December UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an end to UK support for overseas fossil fuels projects as part of the Climate Ambition Summit. This means that UK taxpayer money will no longer be given to fund overseas extraction of crude oil, natural gas, or thermal coal projects. This money will be shifted to supporting the implementation of renewable energy withing the UK and driving growth in a greener industry.

Denmark’s Climate-Positive Hotel

Danish hotel, Green Solution House (GSH), is opening a completely new wing that is climate positive.
The hotel opened in 2015 aspired to be a leader in the green hospitality industry, with the environment at the heart of the hotel, energy is generated by solar panels and biodiversity is welcomed with animals allowed to roam free on the grounds. GSH has received many national and international green awards and certifications.

The new wing, which will have 24 rooms, a spa and conference room, is being built from timber, upcycled waste materials, and local granite quarry debris. The design is centred around its impact, such as décor designed to regulate temperature and windows positioned to catch daylight. All components are designed to be reversible so all the materials can be reused in future projects.

Amsterdam’s Eco Advertisement

Great news for environmental policy recently. Amsterdam is first city in the world to ban fossil fuel advertising, and adverts for air travel from Amsterdam as part of their initiative Reclame Fossielvrjj (Fossil Free Advertising). All advertising, such as television, billboards and street advertising showing fossil fuels will be banned. It is planned that other cities in The Netherlands will follow suit.

New wooden “glass”

The US Department of Agriculture have developed a new material “transparent wood” which could be a saviour for construction. This new glass-like material is a transparent, stronger, safer, and cheaper than glass, and is made almost entirely out of trees.

This material is a huge innovation, as the process from turning the fast-growing balsa tree into the end product is far greener than the heating process required to produce glass. Their research also shows that this new “glass” is 5 times more thermally efficient than glass which means that it has the potential to make homes and buildings far less reliant on heating and fuel sources.

Norway’s Electric Car Boom

Norway is leading the convoy in electric cars. Electric cars are making huge strides worldwide, with car manufacturers focusing their innovation into constantly improving and developing the efficiency of electric powered vehicles. These electric vehicles, depending on the country, emit 30-70% fewer emissions than car fuelled by petrol or diesel, depending on the way that country generates its electricity.