Best Blogs of the Year 2020

  • 18th December 2020

2020 has been a year to remember, whether good or bad. We’ve rounded up our best blogs that sum up BIDBI’s year.

Read on for our top 10 favourite blogs we have written in the past 12 months.

  1. Guide to GOTS
    We are very excited to be GOTS Organic accredited, but what does that actually mean to you? This blog explains it all.

  2. Day in the life of a Print Operative
    Our print operatives work hard to make sure that your bags are printed beautifully ready for your customers. In this blog we follow Print Operative, Tim as he goes about a normal day at BIDBI.

  3. Fairtrade Q&A
    To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, we interviewed our amazing Fairtrade factories in India.

  4. Women in Print
    Women are unfortunately a minority in the printing sector so to celebrate international women’s day 2020 we interviewed just a couple of our amazing female Print Operatives.

  5. Environmental impact of COVID-19
    COVID-19 has hit 2020 hard. But what impact has the pandemic had on the health of the planet? Read our blog to find out.

  6. Throwaway culture
    With initiatives from the media, businesses, and government to reduce waste, why is it that we are producing more than ever? Our blog on throwaway culture sheds some light on why.

  7. Why companies need to make the switch to sustainable
    This blog explains why companies need to pull their fingers out and make the switch to sustainable!

  8. How to clean a cotton tote bag
    Your tote bag is starting to show its age, your pen leaked, you spilt some coffee on it, it has not been treated very nicely…don’t worry, this blog will explain how to get your tote looking brand new again.

  9. How to take product pictures
    If taking product pictures is new to you, or you just want to up your game. Here is a helpful blog with product photography hints and tips.

  10. BIDBI Guide to Print Techniques
    Which print style should you choose? Which will look best with your design? How do you pick? Say hello to our guide to print techniques where we give an outline to all the prints we can do, and their pros and cons.