Bags of the year 2020

  • 17th December 2020

Well, what a year 2020 has been, and not necessarily for many good reasons. So, we thought we would lighten the mood and celebrate some of the best bags that have come through our print factory this year.

Idaho Shop

We love this screen print from Idaho a giftware shop in Cheshire. The clean lines, great colour choices and the abstract shapes, make this a really interesting design, that you would want to carry everywhere as a fashionable shopper!

Luminary Bakery

The Luminary Bakery is a social enterprise that helps women build ambition and grow to become more employable based in London. We love this apron because we know that it will be worn by the women taking part in the process, and that they will look at it with fondness. The design is simple but effective, shows what you can do with a one colour screenprint!

Period of the period

We love this bag from Period of the Period, a periods in sports awareness movement. It is such an impactful design; we really mean it when we say that bright and bold looks amazing on dark totes. The use of the negative space to outline the design is also a great touch.


Y’a pas le feu au lac or What’s the big hurry? We were obsessed with this print from Swiss giftware company CullyCully when it came through the door, one for the insane gradient we managed to get with a screen print on the fish, but also that at was such a good use of our denim shopper.

NTA bags

This is a bag we’re proud of, we were invited to the NTAs in January this year and were asked to provide the bags for the attendees and were filled with goodies from the other event partners! This is a digital print, which was ideal for this bag because of all the colours used, and the colour gradients within the shapes.