BIDBI Definitions

  • 17th December 2020

BIDBI is a cotton bag printing company, here we talk about bags and cotton all day every day. It occurred to us that sometimes we use lingo that might need a little explanation. In this blog we’re going to define some of our most used terms to give you a little clarity, so you are more informed choosing your bags!


MOQ stands for Minimum order quantity, this is the smallest number of units you must order for a business to accept your order. BIDBI’s minimum order quantity is currently 100 units.

Fabric Weight

The weight of a fabric is done by weighing a square metre (measured in grams written as gsm) or square yard (measured in ounces written as oz) of that fabric. BIDBI measures its cotton in oz per yard², however on our product pages we also show the weight in grams per m². This means if a bag is made from 8oz cotton it means that 1-yard² of that cotton would weigh 8oz.

When cotton is described as lightweight it is typically 6oz or under. Midweight would be 7oz-9oz, and heavyweight would describe cotton 10oz and above.

The weight of a bag may also be the difference between two bags that appear the same. For example, our Shopper bag and Premium Cotton Canvas Shopper Bag have the same design, however the latter has a heavier canvas. 


If a product is Fairtrade it means that it has been made with Fairtrade certified cotton and that all farmers and factories throughout the process operate in accordance to Fairtrade regulations which include, paying a Fair wage to workers, eliminating exploitation of workers and children, and giving premiums to farmers to better their communities. Visit the Fairtrade website for more information,

Lead Time

Lead time refers to the time it takes to get your bags delivered to you. BIDBI’s lead time is 10-15 working days from you approving artwork and making payment. In some circumstances where you have a tight deadline, we may be able to accommodate a shorter lead time, just let your account manager know when you enquire.

GOTS Organic

If one of our bags says it is organic, it means it is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that no pesticides or unnatural fertilisers were used while growing the cotton to make the bags. It also means that throughout the cotton processing, bag making process, and printing no harmful chemicals, or dyes were used, and no toxic material is emitted in the water source. For more information about GOTS organic and what it means, visit their website 


Cotton canvas versus cotton is related to the weight of the cotton, as mentioned above cotton is measured by weight. If cotton is referred to as a canvas it means it is a midweight cotton or 8oz and above.

Print area

The print area of a bag is the area of a bag that can be printed on. Outside of that area it is not possible to print a design. At BIDBI the print area is limited by the screen size or the digital print transfer area. However, for an all over print we do offer an edge to edge printing service

100% natural cotton

It means just that! Cotton is a plant which means it is a natural product. However sometimes cotton can go through unnatural and harmful processes from being a crop to becoming the final product. The cotton in a natural bag or product is 100% natural, no unnatural processing such as bleaching or dyeing with harmful dyes.

Screen printing

Screen printing also known as silk screen printing or serigraphy is a traditional print technique which has been around for centuries. Screen printing is when ink is pushed through a stencilled mesh screen, which has been placed above a garment, which creates a printed design.

A separate stencil is made from each colour of the image, the ink is pushed through each stencil to build up the whole final design with all the colours.

Digital Printing

Digital printing also known as heat transfer printing is when an image is heat transferred onto your bag or garment.

Your exact image or design is printed onto transfer paper and is heat pressed so the design transfers and sticks to the item.

DTG Printing

DTG or Direct to Garment printing is a fairly modern technique, the ink is printed directly on to the fabric in the same way an inkjet printer prints onto paper. The garment is then heat pressed to seal the print onto the fabric.

Edge to Edge Printing

The edge to edge printer works the same way an inkjet printer would work, by the cotton going through the industrial sized printer and your design being printed onto the large roll of cotton ready to be sewn into your chosen item.

Bespoke Bags

Bespoke bags mean that they are made to your exact specifications. If you want printed bags and we don’t have the exact one you want in stock, then we can sort that out for you! By ordering a bespoke bag you can order whatever it is you need, any shape, size, colour, added zips, special straps, we can get it done.


A gusset material added to the bottom and/or sides of a bag that give the bag extra internal volume by adding depth to the bag. At BIDBI we will refer to a bag as having a bottom gusset or all-round gusset, an all-round gusset means that the gusset is on both the bottom and sides of the bag adding all-round extra volume. The measurement given to the gusset is how deep the gusset is, and this measurement will be the same for all gussets on that bag.

One colour screenprint

One colour or spot colour means shade of one colour. We think of one colour as one ink shade. So, a one colour screen print would be a screen print that uses one colour of ink, rather than a range of shades of the same colour.

Artwork Approval

Artwork approval is the process of our Design team translating your design to what it will look like on the bag, whether that be making sure the placement is correct, translating the colours to Pantone or adjusting the size. This then needs your approval. If you want any changes making to your design this is the time to do it, since once this has been approved it will be scheduled to print.


YKK Zips stands for “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha” which translates to Yoshida Company Limited. They are a Japanese zip manufacturer who are estimated to make half the zips produced on earth. They are a high-quality zip manufacturer and BIDBI use YKK for all our zip fastening products.

Webbed handles

Webbed handles are when the cotton is woven into a soft woven or “webbed” material, giving them a slight stretch. Webbed handles tend to be slightly thicker than standard handles so when you have webbed handles it makes a bag much more comfortable to carry, even with a heavy load.

Self-fabric handles

Self-fabric means that it is the same fabric as the main bag. So, it means that if a bag has self-fabric handles that the both the handles and the bag are made from the same material.

Specialist inks

Specialist inks are how me describe our non-standard inks. This can range from our glitter inks to fluorescent to puffy ink. We also offer foils is you are wanting a shiny effect! If you are interested in any of our specialist inks, just mention it to your Account Manager when you are enquiring.

Screen charge

Screen charge is the cost of creating a screen. A screen is what is used in screen print to push the ink through to create the print. The screen charge is charged per screen used. So, if you have a three-colour screen print then, there will be a screen charge for 3 screens. This is something to bear in mind when it comes to screen printing with lots of colours.