9 Questions with Sales Manager Lucy

  • Lucy Kokot
  • 1st September 2020

We sat down with Lucy Kokot, Sales Manager and one of BIDBI’s longest standing employees, and asked her a few questions so you can get to know her better.

Here’s Lucy:

  1. What’s your job role?
    I’m the Sales Manager at BIDBI, leading our team of 8-strong Account Managers.

  2. Why did you first apply to work at BIDBI?
    I had just graduated from uni in 2014 and wasn’t entirely sure in which direction I wanted to go. I saw the advert for a Sales Support role at BIDBI and loved the sound of working for a relatively small and very eco-focused company in a varied role. Nearly 6 years on and I still find that no 2 days or 2 projects are the same.

  3. What’s been your highlight working for BIDBI?
    All of the trade shows I’ve attended have been a highlight, as I love the buzz of preparing for the event and meeting clients in person. Other events like the Sheffield Business Awards and The NTAs really stand out too as memorable moments of working at BIDBI.

  4. What’s your most prized possession?
    My Devil’s Ivy house plant – it has grown absolutely huge and hangs down about 2 meters – I’m definitely proud I’ve kept it alive and thriving.

  5. What’s your favourite food and where is your favourite place to eat it?
    Meze, on a Greek island beach promenade.

  6. What animal would be your ideal pet?
    Definitely a dog! They are so wholesome and loving, I just wish I had the time to commit to a pet at the moment – hopefully one day though.

  7. If you had a day off what would you spend it doing?
    I’d be in Brighton seeing friends and family over good food and drink.

  8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Watching a cheesy chick-flick or tacky documentary on Netflix with tea and biscuits or a gin – depending on the night.

  9. How do you make your own life more environmentally friendly?
    I adopted a vegan lifestyle 3 years ago for both ethical and environmental reasons, including shopping cruelty free and plastic free wherever possible. I compost and recycle what I can and try to make the least environmental impact possible. At first it was a challenge, but it’s become second nature now!