10 Questions For Chris: BIDBI's New Credit Controller

  • 17th July 2020

Chris Wood is the newest addition to the BIDBI team and joins the finance department as Credit Controller.

What is your job and what do you do on an average day?

I am the Credit Controller so I phone clients, check the invoicing is done. I do the daily reporting so we can forecast. Let production know when they are good to print. Review credit terms for clients.

Have you always been in finance?

I’ve been in finance for 14 years. I studied Audio Music Technology with the hopes of getting into sound engineering. My first job out of uni was for a company called e-buyer doing customer services. I realised a customer facing role wasn’t for me. Then I joined insight as part of their finance team.

Why did you join BIDBI?

I liked the idea of working for an up and coming business, that is also eco-friendly and ethical. I really like the products too.

I’d been at Insight for such a long time and at this point in my life I felt like making the change from a big ‘corporate machine’ to a smaller friendlier company where essentially, you know all of the staff and feel like your job matters.

Have you learnt anything surprising since you started working here?

I realised that everything at my old company was automated. At BIDBI it’s much more hands on, but it’s great as I’m learning transferable skills that I can use in other parts of my life. It’s been a big learning curve but it’s been interesting and I’m exciting to see what else I can learn.

The first two weeks were extremely tough and it was a lot to take in but I’m getting to grips with it now.

What do you do to be more eco-friendly?

We went made the decision to go down to one car, it’s been very difficult and we’ve had to be more organised.

At home we have a nature garden – it’s wildlife friendly, with lots of bee and butterfly friendly flowers and bird feeders. We listen to what David Attenborough says, he knows his stuff and we only have one planet!

I’ve got two young girls, so it’s important to set a good example, so they can see how important it is- although they are more probably more aware than me!

How do you spend your time out of work?

I like to Spend time with family, walking in peak district. We’re so lucky to live so close to it and we definitely like to make the most of it.

I support Sheffield Wednesday, so I like to keep up with the matches.

What dish is your favourite to cook?

Chicken pesto Pasta bake. It may sound basic but it most definitely isn’t.

If you could have a dinner party with anyone dead or alive who would it be and what would you want to eat?

Chris Packham  

Steve Coogan

Al Green

Jenifer Aniston

kate bush

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Bird watching in my nature garden, it’s full of birds as I live close to the countryside.

If you had a fiver, what would you spend it on?

Bottle of wine- cheaper the better

What do you normally for lunch?

Hula hoops and a sandwich- a five year olds pack lunch. Original hula hoops but varied sandwiches.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

It has to be Coniston, in the Lake District- I spend a lot of time there with my family. We stay in a cottage.

Its peaceful and quiet, and there’s no wifi. The kids don’t like it, but we get to spend quality time together and recharge.

Tell us the most interesting fact you know?

More people are alive today that have ever died…

What would you tell your 20 year old self?

Believe in yourself, and be nice.