The Best Bags for the sports clubs and sports teams

  • 22nd June 2020

We have bags for all occasions here at BIDBI. We understand that starting your tote bag journey can be a minefield and it can be tricky to know which bag will fit your needs. As a guide and to give you a bit of understanding of how our bags can help you, we have created a list of which bags that are great for the sports teams and sports clubs.

Drawstring Backpack

This is the obvious choice for any sport company. A drawstring bag is great for a range of sports. Big enough to fit your kit, trainers, and water bottle and easy to just sling on your back and take wherever you need to be. It is a great P.E bag, gym bag or great as sports merchandise bags. With a large print area, the drawstring backpack is also a great way to market your business’ logo, motto, or designs.

Weekender Bag

Our weekender bag is the perfect holdall gym bag, great for carrying kit, towels, toiletries, and a change of clothes. It could also be ideal for sports that require a lot of equipment or accessories such as swimming. The sleek on trend design makes it so much more appealing to carry around than other cumbersome sports bags.

Large Drawstring

Every sports person needs somewhere to pop their dirty trainers/boots to keep them away from their other belongings. We at BIDBI think that the large drawstring is perfect as a boot bag, it is as large as our standard tote bag making it large enough for dirty boots of all sizes, but the handy drawstring closure will keep them away from clean items in your bag.

Super Shopper

Another bag that will fit everything! The Super Shopper can fit two shoe boxes or one boot box which makes it a great bag for sports shoe or boot retailers. These huge bags also make for great equipment bags for sports coaches, carrying bibs, cones, and balls this is great when you just need to carry everything!

Denim Backpack Shopper

The Denim Backpack Shopper is great for a sports enthusiast because it’s will fit all your sports gear ready for the gym or the court, but it doubles up as a stylish tote during the day for work or school. With the same capacity as our tote bag there, this bag is roomy enough for your sports kit, and the magnetic top closure will ensure it all stays put.