Creative uses for tote bags during the Covid-19 lockdown

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 2nd June 2020

Coronavirus has hit all businesses in different ways. But what do you do if you have printed bags or other cotton items for an event that is no longer happening, or seasonal stock that can no longer be used? Here are some ideas on how you can use your stock so you can make the best of a bad situation.

  1. Corporate gifting
    What better way to show your suppliers and clients that you are thinking about them right now. It is a fantastic way to build relations between you and companies you work with and show them you value them. By sending a branded item in a goody bag it will not only keep you in the minds of these companies but be a little treat whilst they are stuck at home.
  2. Sending a gift with purchase with orders
    If you continue to sell your products online, a gift with purchase can be a great way to make your customers feel valued. A tote bag with your design, slipped into their delivery will be a welcome surprise. It is an extra way to increase customer loyalty and ensure that your stock is used appropriately.  
  3. Employee motivation
    Right now, it is likely that your employees’ spirits are low, and they may need a little pick me up. Along the same lines of a goody bag, it will show your employees that you are thinking about them during this tough time. It will make them feel more like part of the team and give them a well needed motivation boost.
  4. Halls of residence – with a tea towel  
    If you are a university, there are probably a lot of events cancelled for the upcoming freshers’ period. One way to provide all the goodies and information that new students will require is delivering them to the halls of residence. A printed bag containing a few useful items, such as a branded tea towel and all the necessary information and documents they will require, plus other goodies which can ease them into university life.
  5. Crowdfunder – thank you for donating
    With businesses being hit hard many have turned to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding can be a great way to raise money to help your employees, suppliers, and to make sure you will be able to open once restrictions are lifted. A great way to urge people to donate is by offering a thank you gift. Not only is this a great incentive for donations but it allows you to use any bags you already have.