Fundraising ideas for schools

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 27th May 2020

Times are difficult right now in all industries and sectors, but for schools it is especially confusing with everything up in the air about what is happening. Both teachers and children are being put in difficult positions where they are perplexed about what is going on.

One way to keep pupils engaged during this time is holding a fundraiser. Great activities that can heighten spirits whilst also raising money for the school or other good causes. Here are some lockdown friendly ideas for fundraisers that you can do at your school.

  1. Art competition
    An art competition is a great way to let students unleash their creative side and to have some fun experimenting with different types of art. By asking for small contributions for entry it is a great way to raise funds and also encouraging students to do something fun is a great way to keep their spirits up during lockdown. 

  2. Talent Show 
    What better way for pupils to show off their skills you would never normally see in the classroom. All budding, singers, magicians and dancers can present their amazing talents to their classmates, teachers, and families through video. This gives them something to practise during lockdown, to keep them busy. As a way to raise funds you can ask for a donation so friends and family can enjoy all the talent.

  3. Selling bags or tea towels
    Bags and tea towels are a great way to raise funds for your school or cause. Add your school logo to a tote or ask all your pupils to draw a picture to be added to the design so everyone can see themselves on a tea towel. Browse tote bags and tea towels here.

  4. Sponsored exercise
    Keeping active is a great way to stay both happy and healthy. How better to encourage exercise than to make it a challenge! You could organise a sponsored activity that the school must achieve as a whole. Collectively “walk to the summit of Mount Everest” or as a group complete 50,000 push ups. It is a great way to feel like a team whilst apart, to get active at home and to raise money.

  5. Quiz
    Zoom quizzes are all the rage right now. So why not jump on the trend? A quiz with a range of questions where your pupils and their families can join in and have a great evening’s entertainment. Charge a small fee for entering and get hold of some prizes and it’ a fantastic way of getting everyone “together” and raising some money.

Fundraisers are a fantastic way to keep up school spirit and will provide everyone with some welcome relief from their usual schedule.