What has the BIDBI Team been up to during Lockdown?

  • 20th April 2020

Right now, the world is in a unique position. Many countries around the world are in some form of lockdown. Working from home, having time off work and businesses shutting their doors to the public has changed everyday life for people drastically. It’s something that the majority of us have never experienced before.

The BIDBI team are working from home, we caught with them via email and found out what they’ve been doing with their time, and how they’re coping with the lockdown.


I have started Yoga! Working from home at the dining room table was really starting to give me back ache, I have been using my lunch break to do a quick 20-minute upper back and neck session and have found its really helped me! I would definitely recommend to anyone else who is working from home and is suffering with back/neck pain because their work from home set up isn’t as good as at work. I am looking to carry this on when I come back to the office 😊


Aside of having no skin left on my hands which I suspect can be said of us all from washing them 8 million times a day, lockdown isn’t so bad.

I’ve been cooking a lot more and I’ve made some nice veggie (some vegan even) dishes.

These have been testing times, and spending a bit of time preparing a meal has been good for the soul (even though everything I’ve made has taken minimal time).


Since I’ve been working from home, I’ve decided to be somewhat productive and I started (slowly but surely) running. It’s never something I’ve really been able to get into, but I’ve found it’s been a really good way to clear my head and being in a flat it’s the only chance I get to go outside! The goal now is to continue once lockdown is over. I’ve also been trying out new recipes I normally wouldn’t have the time for, and it was my birthday on the second week of lockdown, so I baked some cupcakes!


I think everyone’s really been trying to focus on the positives during this self-isolation – it’s been important to me to find joy in things I wouldn’t normally have had time for. I finally started my painting by numbers and have been doing a bit each day (it doesn’t look like much, but honestly that is hours’ worth of effort there – it’s so time consuming!) – it’s supposed to be Venice, can you tell yet?!

I’ve also been making time for reading (just finished The Testaments and started The Family Upstairs – recommend both) and baking (although I’m down to my last 200g of flour, so my next bake had better be a good one!) and trying to make the most of the one allowed form of exercise per day. We’ve not got a garden to have been benefitting from the nice weather sadly, but we do have a scaffold outside our living room window – so in true “make the most out of it” fashion, we’ve popped a picnic blanket out there and have been enjoying evening drinks in the sun on the “balcony”.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home, and on some days I’ve been dog-sitting. Charlie is the definition of “good boy” and has been a perfect colleague for WFH. His owners are both NHS workers, so they have been exceptionally busy.


I’ve been talking to people, old and new, family, friends, neighbours. I’m really missing the football, and as it’s not on right now, I’ve watched a few new box sets. I’m lucky to have a garden so, I’ve been spending lots of time in there gardening and sunbathing. And I’ve been cooking lots more home meals.


Having more time to spend at home has meant I’ve been able to help my housemates with so many projects!

We have started a veggie patch which took hours of digging. We have planted onions, leeks, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, garlic and much more so hopefully we will get some great rewards and delicious organic veg for all our hard work!

Spending lots of time outdoors has meant we’ve come across lots of nature. A baby bird landed on our patch of freshly dug soil, so we took it in for a while until its mother found it again. It was great to see nature so up close. Something I wouldn’t have appreciated pre lockdown. The slower pace of life is something I would like to carry on once ‘normal life’ resumes.

I have also been given a sourdough starter from a friend. For anyone who has never baked sourdough, the starter needs more attention than a small child and the baking process is around 36 hours! The first attempt came out well, however I don’t know if the work is worth the reward...

All in all, the BIDBI team have been keeping busy with everything from cooking, crafts to gardening. We hope that everyone reading this is keeping healthy following government guidelines and has found ways to keep themselves and their households entertained and happy. If you’ve found any great ways of keeping occupied during lockdown. Let us know!