Diversify your watch list during lockdown

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 1st April 2020

In the midst of everything going on in the world regarding Covid-19 it’s very likely that you are spending more time at home and watching more TV than you normally would. To give you some inspiration (and to stop you re-watching friends for the eighth time), we’ve compiled a list of our favourite TV shows, YouTube channels, and films that focus on eco and planet friendly content. So that you can get your dose of green.

Exploring Alternatives

This YouTube channel documents the lives of different people in each video. They show their alternative living situations. From living off grid, zero waste living, to people in all kinds of living arrangements. This channel is really refreshing at showing a wide range of people’s lives and how and more importantly why they have made this massive sustainable jump in their life.

Eco Eye

Once a television programme aired in Ireland, Eco Eye explores a whole range of environmental talking points and eco-innovations. With short 2-3-minute clips to full length 25-minute episodes. This YouTube channel discusses topics like chemical free cleaning, exploring electric cars and looking at the impact of agriculture. This well researched series is a great overall view of all things eco and the ground-breaking changes that are being made to help the planet.

Blue Planet

Blue Planet, hosted and narrated by historian and broadcaster David Attenborough, is famous worldwide for showcasing the world’s most amazing sea creatures, their habitats and delving into life underwater. But it also aims to highlight the troubles that these creatures and the oceans they live in face. The drastic effect of pollution caused by manmade waste and by-products. It’s a great documentation of the impact that human life is having on the world around us that we – without the show- would never see and it’s a great way to highlight the changes that we as a population need to make.

A Plastic Ocean

If you have access to Netflix (also available to rent on YouTube Movies) then A Plastic Ocean is such a raw insight into the impact that plastic has on the environment. Journalist Craig Leeson embarks on a journey to document a blue whale but whilst capturing footage he notices the huge abundance of plastic waste in the what should be unspoiled ocean. This prompts him to team up with scientists to explore the detrimental effects of plastics in our oceans.

The Lorax

Dr Seuss’ The Lorax is a film that discusses and showcases the effect of deforestation and a world that relies too much on artificial goods and choosing to destroy nature for self-gain. Dr Seuss’ quirky storytelling, bright colours and magical creatures create the perfect light-hearted setting to display this environmental problem that we face. This is a great film to show children the impact of deforestation without the aggressive and dark tones that are found in shows geared to adults.

Hopefully this list of varied and interesting film, television and social media content will enable you to have a more rounded view of the environmental problems facing our planet right now. And also provide you with something interesting to watch whilst you’re stuck indoors!