Able and Willing Bag Project

  • Vicky Siviter
  • 6th September 2013

One of BIDBI's core values is our Ethical and Environmental Commitment - we're always on the look-out for ways to help the local and wider community. This includes inviting school children to learn about the environmental benefits of our eco-factory, sharing expert advice on sustainability, and recycling all our excess bags as part of our zero-waste policy.

Last month we donated a box of spare bags to Able and Willing for use in their screen printing factory. Able and Willing is a supported employer, sponsored by Brighton and Hove City Council. They support people with all sorts of disabilities. Without customer support, some of their hardworking staff would never experience the dignity of work that many take for granted. Their aim is to help staff to move towards mainstream employment. The company has over 20 staff, and 90% have a disability.

We sent them a box of excess stock and misprinted bags, which we are always keen to recycle for good causes, rather than throwing them away. Here's Wendy printing a 'bag for life' for the Brighton Museum shop:

The staff at Able and Willing previously had to purchase bags to practise their skills, which meant that any mistakes created an unneccesary cost. Now they can train for printing to their hearts' content, thanks to our supply of free bags from our factory. We love to see how our bags get put to use, so thanks to Denise from Able and Willing for sending through these great photos. We'd like to wish them all the luck in the future!

If you'd like to get involved with a similar community project just let us know via email, or call us on +44 (0)114 272 1201.