BIDBI Launches In-House Edge to Edge Printing

  • 12th February 2020

BIDBI now has the capability of printing edge to edge. 

But what exactly is edge to edge?

Edge to edge also known as full bleed printing is the process of printing on to a roll of cotton so the whole roll is covered with a continuous design. When the cotton material passes through the printer your design will be continuously printed across a roll of fabric, producing an all over print. Using this printer, we can print intricate and complex designs to a high standard and using multiple colours, producing a colour photographic outcome. Once printed the roll of fabric is cut and stitched into the product you require.

Which products can I have with an edge to edge print?

The benefit of printing the roll of cotton in house with the edge to edge printer is that the range of products we can create is endless. We have the capability to recreate the vast range of BIDBI products; cushion covers, aprons, tea towels, a variety of bags, in fabric printed with your own design.

Could I have a bag made completely to my own specifications using edge to edge printing?

Yes, that’s the beauty with having a roll printer and the ability to manufacture in the UK. You can create a bespoke bag with the freedom to choose everything from the pattern printed on to the material, the shape of the bag, the type of handles and extras, such as your own labels, tags and finishes. The possibilities are endless so if you’re unsure if what you have in mind can be done, just ask!

You have the convenience to decide different lengths and types of handles (printed, unprinted and webbing), bespoke sew-in features such as labels in the side seams or on the front of the bag, plus shapes and sizes designed to your own specific requirements.

Being able to print and manufacture in the UK means we can offer a custom-made edge to edge cotton product at a lead time of 2-6 weeks. The lead time is dependent on the specifications, style, units, fabric and trims.  

What can’t it do?

To retain the vibrancy of your artwork we only print onto white fabric. If you require a black or dark background, we can print this colour first so no white fabric shows through.

Having edge to edge printing in-house allows you to emphasise and show off your brand designs, logos and graphics to their full potential. To learn more about edge to edge printing and to enquire follow this link.