The Great London Yarn Crawl

  • GLYC
  • 29th August 2013

This week's blog comes courtesy of The Great London Yarn Crawl. Last month we printed bags for their awesome knitting event, which they recently posted about on their own blog. We loved it so much that we decided to include them as our latest guest post (with their permission of course!). Here's what they had to say about our bags, and the event itself...


We've been talking lots about the prizes at the after-party lately but not so much about the goodie bags that we've been preparing for all of our participants:

What wonderful projects will these bags hold?

This is just a teaser - since we can't tell you EVERYTHING that you'll be getting in them! But we've been thrilled to connect with a super awesome, UK indie-dyer about her yarn (more on that in the coming weeks!).

What we CAN tell you about these bags is that they were made in the UK by a great company we discovered called BIDBI.

BIDBI stands for Bag It Don't Bin It and they are an eco-conscious, fair-trade company committed to paying a living wage and while keeping that in mind have given us a great deal on the bags, knowing that all net proceeds from the GLYC event will be benefitting Refuge. Click here to learn more about their ethical commitment.

While on her travels this summer Allison has been collecting treats for these bags from the good folks at Soak and Knitty for our participants, and more great prizes keep rolling in!

But of course, you can only get one of these awesome project bags if you're registered as a participant, so make sure you get yourself and your friends signed up soon!