BIDBI Yearly Round Up- A look Back at 2019

  • 17th December 2019

What a great year 2019 has been for BIDBI. We’ve expanded in many ways, with lots of exciting changes and improvements happening throughout all sides of the business.

As our client base continues to grow, and we are printing more bags than ever, BIDBI is thriving and we are looking forward to what 2020 brings. However, it’s important to take a look back and reflect on what has happened this year to get us to this point.

Here’s a roundup of BIDBI’s 2019

New Machinery

In August BIDBI saw the arrival of two new screen-printing machines and drying oven. Thanks to HSBC and their £14billion lending fund to support SMEs we were able to buy new machinery that has allowed us to increase production capacity and continue to meet customer demand by offering ethical and sustainable alternatives to plastic bags.

New Premises 

With the purchase of new machinery BIDBI took up a new lease, with help from Wake Smith Solicitors, in order to expand premises. The new facility (named BIDBI 2 by staff) is just a few doors up from our current Rutland Road production site and acts as extra warehousing space for stock, allowing us to fulfil larger orders within shorter lead times. This is a massive step for BIDBI and has really helped to facilitate growth within the company. We are also maintaining our environmentally friendly processes in our new facility with heating powered by an air source heat pump.

 “As a manufacturing company based in Sheffield, we are always looking at ways to grow and to keep things local. We're based in the heart of steel city and wouldn't have it any other way.” - Managing Director Daya Singh

Growing Team

This year the BIDBI team has expanded by 15 members, growing all departments, including, design, sales, production, marketing and operations. With the exciting expansion of the business we have been able to grow the BIDBI team by 50% in the past year. Employing local people is what keeps BIDBI thriving and we enjoy being able to give back by continuing to offer local residents job opportunities and skilled work and training.

As well as our expansion we have created a role that will really help BIDBI move from strength to strength. BIDBI has created the role of Research and Development manager. This role is very important to us as it means that we have someone who is constantly focussed on sustainability and will always be looking for ways to improve business practises. Allowing BIDBI to always be the best it can be. Former Sales and Marketing Manager Helen Brown has taken on this role, her enthusiasm and drive for sustainability made her the perfect candidate for the position.

New Products

We’ve vastly expanded our variety or products to include new collections. These include a Fairtrade and Organic Range, a new denim collection, the contrast collection and the provenance collection as well as adding to our existing products with new materials such as JUCO.

It is really exciting to be able to expand our product offering as we have more to offer our customers as alternatives to plastic bags that are both sustainable and stylish.

 “We’re really excited to be expanding our collections to include a wider range of Fairtrade & Organic products, offering our clients more in the way of ethical and sustainable options to showcase their brands and celebrate their values to their clients.” Lucy Kokot- Sales Manager 


BIDBI has maintained its Gold FEEFO status meaning we have received 5-star reviews for over 95% of our ratings. More importantly that means our customers are happy with the high-quality sustainable products, and great customer service we provide which is our main aim.

We’ve achieved GOTS! GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard. Having this accreditation means that all our bags with the label are 100% certified organic, having met the rigorous standards of the GOTS accrediting body. Giving you the assurance that your Fairtrade & Organic bags are truly organic.

We were also runner up for the Make UK Sustainability prize for the whole of the North East, Yorkshire, and Humberside region. We are so proud of this achievement. Whilst BIDBI is a growing company we are still quite small, and it is wonderful to be recognised as a player in sustainable manufacturing.