The Humble Eco-bag, My Holiday Saviour!

  • Amanda Barrett
  • 21st August 2013

Hi, I’m Amanda Barrett and I’m a new addition to the ever-growing Sales team at BIDBI. I joined the company at the start of the summer in early June and thought it would be fun to explain how canvas and cotton totes have taken over my life in the space of just a couple of months!

I’ve recently returned from a holiday in Majorca with my husband Chris, daughter Hannah (11) and 3 step children Hannah (16) Lucy (11) and Marcus (9). 

My wonderful husband and children

As you can imagine, whilst enjoying the delights of the Spanish sunshine, white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, there were also many testing times! Here’s how my humble cotton eco-bag helped me out in times of need – and OK, maybe I’ve embellished a few of the details but it’s all in the name of humour – a good cause in my book!

Day one:

The old 4am early bird flight is no good for any human contemplating surviving the day with 4 children. In order to ensure I fitted in my beauty sleep, my eco cotton tote transformed with the help of a cardigan into an amazingly comfortable travel pillow. Simply stuff the cardigan inside said bag and Zzzzz away on the flight.

Day two:

A day on the beach! We have arrived safely and using my eco cotton bag as a beach bag, have managed to set up camp on the beach. At lunch time, my eco cotton bag also doubles up as nose bags to feed the children. Simply fill with food and hang one handle on each ear. These make shift nose bags are guaranteed to give you an extra 10 minutes peace and quiet, allowing one to soak up the rays while the kids get on with munching their lunch.

Day three:

Back to the beach! How to keep the children occupied is the question? Armed with eco cotton bags it’s no problem at all!! We created a beach game which was our own version of the good old British sack race. This involved in effect 2 sacks, or eco bags in this case. Place one tote on each foot, hold the handles high and try to run. Yes we looked like a crazy family and fell over lots but it was good fun on the sands!

Day four:

Drama struck!! A freak gust of wind can whip anyone’s sun hat clean off. When it lands in the hotel’s swimming pool and you are all fully dressed you might think it’s game over.  Fortunately I had my eco cotton bag to hand and was able to make a fantastic fishing net (with the aid of a snooker cue from the hotel bar) and the hat was rescued! Easy.

Day five:

Back to the beach.  It’s funny how by day 5 the children actually start complaining of boredom.  The thousands of pounds spent on getting there irrelevant!! However, with eco bags for goal posts, the problem is solved. More than solved in fact, as a 3 aside football game turns into a 30 man match when most of the surrounding families join in! 

Day six:

Today we venture off the beaten track. An adventure in the blazing sun! Trailing through the Spanish mountains, pic-nic packed (in the eco bag) and full of curiosity. Little did we know what lie ahead...

After a full day in the mountains, the sun started to set, dusk crept in, it all became a little eerie... In the distance we could hear the howls of wolves* in the hills and they appeared to be getting nearer!! I had to protect my family!! Fortunately I was able to fill my eco-bag with large stones. A quick knot with the handles and I had the perfect weapon if we were attacked!  I led everyone to safety tightly gripping my homemade numb chucker! The eco cotton bag saved the day.

Day seven:

Well it’s been quite a week. I’m ready for another holiday to recover from this one!

There was only one use left for the eco cotton bag and that was to place it over my head, close my eyes and disappear into a dark room for some peace, tranquillity and meditation time.  I had survived!!!

Me demonstrating the versatility of my bag!

* No animals or wolves were hurt for the purpose of this blog