Introducing JUCO, the newest member to the BIDBI bag family.

  • 6th August 2019

BIDBI is welcoming a new canvas blend to the family. JUCO is a blend of 75% jute and 25% cotton. This blend offers the hard-wearing durability of traditional jute bags but with the addition of cotton there is a tighter weave and a smoother feel.

The combination of jute and cotton means that the JUCO blend is still in line with BIDBI’s environmental beliefs and is an ecological canvas with a low environmental impact. It is sourced in the same sustainable way as are all of our bags.

With the tight weave and smooth surface found on cotton bags, JUCO gives the ability to print fine detail. JUCO is a fantastic alternative if you are looking for a jute bag style but have an intricate and detailed design that needs to be flawless. Add your design in a metallic or foil print and offer your customers a premium bag they will be able to reuse again and again.

As with many of our jute collection bags, the JUCO bags feature a waterproof, wipeable lining making them an ideal bag for delicatessens, farms shops, supermarkets or even as a branded beach bag.

Available in three sizes, small, medium, and large each JUCO bag has soft padded handles and an all-round gusset. The boxy shape allows for extra room for items making the bags ideal for several uses.

Independent Artists

The smallest size makes a cute lunch bag or premium gift bag. Take advantage of having a smooth surface on a rustic style bag and get one of your more intricate designs printed on it. The high-quality stitching, lining and soft padded handles ensure you are able to charge a higher RRP and is a great choice as a premium level item.

Food & Drink

The box shape makes the JUCO bags ideal for food and drink retailers. The strong stitching and sturdy shape ensure heavy bottles can be carried with ease. Our medium JUCO bag can fit 6 wine bottles or large beer bottles with ease which make them perfect as a add on purchase for customers.

Galleries & Museums

Jute bags are a must have in any gift shop and with JUCO the finer weave allows finer details to be printed offering your customers a carry-able canvas and memento of artworks and exhibitions. They are an easy way to expand your range and provide your patrons with a bag they can reuse again and again whilst all the time marketing your business wherever they take it.

Garden Centres

JUCO bags are perfect for garden centres, the lining is both waterproof and wipeable so any spills or dirt can easily get wiped away. The gussets give the bag a large volume and the padded handles mean it is comfortable to carry no matter how heavy the gardening equipment is.