Following the new “Planetary Health Diet”

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 11th July 2019

So today I will be taking on the challenge of a newly released diet called the “planetary health diet”.

The Lancet, a peer-reviewed general medical journal has hit the headlines earlier this year by releasing a new commission related to diet. By following this diet, it aims to instil healthily food habits whilst also defining a sustainable diet that will assure that there is minimal damage to the planet, by reducing; greenhouse emissions, loss of biodiversity and freshwater use.

This sounds perfect right? Well yeah it is! However, this diet has sparked controversy due to drastic changes that many people would have to make to their daily intake of certain food groups. The most striking part of the diet is the lack of meat or dairy allowed in your diet, 14g of red meat (roughly 1 hamburger a week) or 29g of chicken a day (1 chicken large breast a week) and 250g of dairy which is about a glass of milk a day.

So, let’s get on with it shall we? See how hard it is to help the future of the planet through diet.


Up bright and early to go and buy some almond milk (don’t want to blow my dairy ration so early) and started my morning with a cup of tea and a bowl of porridge-made with water, topped with some nuts and seeds.

11 o’clock rolls around and I’m getting a little peckish, since the diet accounts for 200g of fruit I thought I should probably use some of that up, and thoroughly enjoyed my pear.


My first big challenge, this is normally when I’d have a chicken breast which I won’t be able to lest I sacrifice my weekly ration. Time to get thinking. Big plate of salad leaves, vegetables and falafel. Other ideas included vegetable pasta, or beans on toast. This might not be so bad after all!

Few more cups of tea in the afternoon, nothing has changed for this bit.


After my bout of creativity at lunchtime I was inspired to come up with something fun. Vegetable risotto, this is something I haven’t had in so so long and with the 232g of whole grains a day allowance it was prime opportunity to use these up. To use my 28g of fish I added half a tin of sardines to add some protein.

And there we go, day done!

All in all, I really enjoyed the challenge and it was fun thinking of new dishes to fit into the allowed quantities, and it was also nice to realise how easy it is to really do your part!

Follow up, after a few days I found myself still complying with the diet! It’s so easy, I would highly recommend anyone, and it will help to do great things for the future of the planet.