5 Ink Effects To Make Your Bag Stand Out

  • Amy Broomhead
  • 24th June 2019

In addition to our standard ink range we have curated different ink effects so you can show off your business and design in the best way possible with bags that reflect you.

If your design can be screen printed, we not only offer every pantone colour to make sure you get the best match possible to your business’ image, but we also have a range of specialist inks for when you want something different.

1. Neons

Neon ink can really set your work apart from the crowd. A bright pop of colour will add the extra wow factor to your design especially on a dark background. Plus, neon is really on trend during the summer months giving the bags that extra stylish fashionable appeal for customers.

2. Foils 

Foil prints give a shiny finish, a great choice if you’re trying to achieve a luxurious look. From your traditional gold, silver and rose gold, we also offer a huge range of colours, from green, to purple, to pink, allowing you to choose a colour that matches your brand and your design perfectly. Whether it’s just a touch of shine or a full gleaming print, foil is a versatile print method that can make your design really stand out and make an impact.

3. Glitter 

For a bit of glitz and glamour why not add some sparkle to your bag with glitter ink. Glitter can be added to almost every one of our inks for an amazing finish to make your existing artwork and colours more magical. Because of this we can pantone match to your brand and still achieve intricate and detailed designs.

4. Reflective Ink

Reflective ink is a really fun way to display your designs, it works exactly like panels on reflective jackets, bouncing the light back and allowing it to be seen in the dark. Our reflective ink will make your brand gleam in the shadows giving a unique effect. It can be used in the same way as all other inks meaning you don’t have to compromise on design if you opt for this cool reflective ink.

5. Diamantes

In addition to our standard printing techniques we can also provide diamante printing. This technique transfers the individual gems to our bags to form a design or pattern. If you want to add something a little bit unique to your bag and to give it an extra dimension this “printing” technique will stand out.