Meet Your New Account Managers: Caroline and Chloe

  • 15th March 2019

What is your job at BIDBI?

Chloe: As a Junior Account Manager, I’m the first contact for clients. I help get quotes sent out, answer any questions and put orders through for BIDBI. I manage the Charity, public sector and giftware/lifestyle accounts. 

Caroline: I manage the Fashion accounts at BIBDI and also PR & Design agencies. I work with brands like Pretty Green, Ted Baker, Urban Outfitters and Nike for projects from promotional bags to luxury totes to toiletries bags. I work between my clients and both our design and production team to ensure a great experience.

How are you enjoying BIDBI so far?

Chloe: I’m enjoying it a lot, I’m enjoying learning about printing techniques and working with clients. There is a lot to learn here at BIDBI however everyone here is helpful and knowledgeable when it’s comes to something I’m unsure of.

Caroline: I love BIDBI as well as getting to work with really great brands I feel I am making a positive impact environmentally due to our eco-ethical beliefs. Every cotton bag is one less that could potentially end up in the ocean!

Is it what you expected?

Chloe: Certainly not it’s a bigger challenge than expected but still excellent in every way. I expected my job to be the same everyday however I’ve learnt very quickly that it’s different as there’s always a new challenge and always a little bit of problem solving involved.

Caroline: I don’t think I know what I expected when I started but I haven’t been disappointed. I work within a great team and I love how close all the different departments are onsite, its great to see the bags being produced and see them finished.

What has been your highlight so far?

Chloe: Working in production seeing how the bags are printed. I found this particularly interesting as I didn’t know anything about printing or how bags were made. An insight to this in our production area was fantastic and now even when out and about I’m always looking at tote bags.

Caroline: I had the opportunity to go down to London to a party with Urban Outfitters as we had supplied the bags for the event. I had the best time and built some good relationships in the process!

Describe your weekend?

Chloe: Exploring the UK and eating lots of food! I love a bit of cooking so I’m always trying out a new recipe to surprise my family with. Otherwise if I’m not doing that then relaxing is a forte of mine.  

Caroline: Hmmm weekends, a time for sleep, food, shopping, coffees and cats <3

Claim to fame?

Chloe: Same birthday as Kim Kardashian. Not sure whether this is even a good claim to fame.

Caroline: I can eat an 18inch pizza on my own

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Chloe: My parents for building a business from the ground up and working so hard to make it work. I know it’s a bit cliché to say your parents but I really do find them to be my biggest inspiration because even when they have everything resting on their shoulders they find time to push me and my siblings further in helping us achieve what we want.  

Caroline: Vivienne Westwood