Customer Spotlight On: Hoogly Tea

  • 18th September 2018

Tea is a quintessentially British affair and we pride ourselves on being the best at making, drinking and talking about tea. Tina Gloggengieser, the Dane behind Hoogly Tea has put a Danish twist on this British insitution. Launched in 2016, Hygge Tea is a range of teas that are designed to spread the joy of Hygge through luxury teas. “I decided to set up Hygge Tea because I am passionate about real tea, and being Danish, also the concept of hygge,” said Tina. "I have always been passionate about tea, Green tea especially, so thought why not create my own blends with flavours I really love, like Marzipan, Rhubarb and Vanilla etc.  Creating a delicious and indulgent experience that has many health benefits. There’s a blend for every moment, kick start your morning with a black tea, one of the green teas is a lovely afternoon drink and a nice calming herbal tea just before bed."

With the British embracing Hygge so ethusiastically, showed from the success of Meik Wiking's book 'The little book of Hygge', Tina wanted to further this; "Hygge because it’s a big part of my culture and wanted to spread the word outside of Denmark and make people more aware of this concept.  Just by taking a simple thing as tea, creating a comforting ambience and cherishing that moment with others or by yourself."

Hoogly Tea is looking specialise in the hospitality industry in the future by working with hotels, cafes and restaurants. Tina thinks the success of Hygge in the UK is down to the Denmark being voted the happiest nation for many years running, "it reminds the UK to indugle more and make time for yourself and what makes you happy". And Hoogly Teas are a great accompniament; with warming and soothing blends such as Around the Fire and Baked Apple Chai they embody the Hygge concept of cosiness and comfort.

With so many flavour combinations available, Tina has develped selection boxes with different blends in so you don't need to choose! The gift sets come with a Goodie Bag printed with the Hoogly Tea branding which Tina also sends out to hotels and restaurants. "The bags are mainly used as goodie bags and to put samples in, they give a great impression and extra touch, people seem to love them as I do."  

By merging both tea and Hygge, you've got yourself a uniquely British-Danish experience that is cosy, relaxing and comforting. “Tea fits in well with hygge, as it’s about enjoying the simple indulgent things in life, with yourself or others. Light a candle, relax and have a hyggelig time.”